Cleaning the laser cutter extractor filter

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The laser cutter has dedicated extractor fans and a filter system. This will periodically need cleaning to keep the airflow up and properly remove the dust, smoke and fumes from laser cutting/engraving.

Time Required: 3 hrs total over 2 days
2 hrs to disassemble and clean
1 hr to re-assemble the next day

Recommended as a 2 person job

Materials needed:
Dust masks
Safety glasses
Philips Screwdriver
Small brush
Vacuum cleaner
Sink & water
Duct Tape

1. Using the ladder, access the top of the unit and disconnect the fan connections:

2. Unscrew the fans and remove for cleaning:

3. Remove fans for cleaning and pass to the 2nd person on the ground - they can be quite crusty:

Use the small brush and vacuum to get as much of the accumulated dust off. They will begin to regain their original colour.

4. Remove the duct tape at the arrows and disconnect the extractor pipes between the filter and the laser. Also use the screwdriver to remove the bracket holding the pipe to the wall.

5. Use the spanner to remove the 8 nuts and washers securing the base of the filters. You will want to work as a team to lower the board safely and hold it as nuts are loosened.

6. The filter canisters will be supported on their own by the rubber seal attaching them at the top:

7. Remove the filter canisters either as a unit or remove the y-pipe if necessary as well, the canisters are press fit over the rubber gaskets in the picture and will come loose with some careful wiggling. This is a 2 person job.

8. Take the canisters outside the space, as they will create a lot of dust / mess. Clean out the scrubbers and filter canisters, initially they will be very dirty like this:

9. Bring the scrubbers in a bucket to the wetroom sink and rinse them all out throughly and set out to dry.

10. Clean out the canisters with the brush, vacuum. Also clean the flexible hose and metal piping that comes from the laser all the way to the canisters.

11. Allow everything to dry overnight and then re-assemble in reverse the next day - approx. 1hr if done by same people who dismantled it. Use new duct tape to rejoin the pipework to be airtight.


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