Appreciation thread

(Daniel Sikar) #104

Thank you @VerityNichols for donating bike maintenance tools, specially chain whip and cassette remover. They got me out of jail on a Sunday. Much appreciated.

(Dale Connolly) #105

Massive thanks to @techfolderkites for the crash course on all things sewing machines and the kite education today. Really appreciated.

(Sarah Jones) #106

Thank you to @mouat and all the @turners for saving wood shavings for me. This is their destination - a compost loo in the nature garden at Bessemer Grange Primary School, built by @Paul_Andrew, that enables families to spend hours in the garden after school and at weekends when the school is closed.

(Tom Hedges) #107

thanks to @CriticalTolerance for sealing up the gaps in the wood workshop extraction system, and cleaning as he went. Also for his unnervingly neat blackboard writing abilities…

(EdwardBilson) #108

Beat me to it - thanks for pitching in with this. Hopefully the tablesaw will be a bit better extracted now!

(Dale Connolly) #109


Goes without saying we all appreciate your efforts in getting all that awesome cut-price timber for us. Top job from a top bloke. Cheers mate!

(Sarah Jones) #110

Seconded! Early start, epic drive & mind-frazzling maths puzzles all competed with great good humour and generosity. Thank you.

(Afshin Dehkordi) #111

Third that! Thanks @rosszeibari!

(Pete Hellyer) #112

Fourthed! Top Man!

(Barnaby Coote) #113

Thanks again Ross!

(Jack Derrick) #114

Yes @rosszeibari Thank you very much! Really appreciated!!!

(Esther Gladstone) #115

And from me! Thanks @rosszeibari

(Twm Davies) #116

Thank you so much for getting this wood for us. It’s perfect for my projects!

(Twm Davies) #117

Thanks to @lewisss for squaring up the Tormek stone the other day with the ‘truing’ attachment. Stanley plane blades now sharp AND square. Lovely stuff.

(Dermot Jones) #118

Thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley for a multitude of things…

Stepping in to host open evening last night in spite of having his own projects and being a bit knackered – a tough one too: with guests arriving over the evening…and about three tours given!

Also for helping me out with the shade sail repair, which of course spiralled out into troubleshooting the sewing machines.

Plus: he set about improving the open evening signs!

(Jonty Bottomley) #119

No worries, did you manage to finish it?

(Dermot Jones) #120

Not quite…kept bending needles…and decided to pick up some light coloured thread so my messy stitching doesn’t show up. What should I be looking for? Nylon?

(Jonty Bottomley) #121

Or polyester. Anything that won’t rot and fall apart given it’s going outdoors.

I’ll try getting round to sorting that area and working out what we have and need at some point.

(Andrea Campanella) #122

An huge Thanks to @lewisss for finally finish the drawers of the electronics benches!

(EdwardBilson) #123

Thanks as always to @joeatkin2 for assistance in planing off the large pile of beams I laid my hands on.