Appreciation thread

(Tom Newsom) #84

Thanks to @lewisss and @Howard for helping me troubleshoot my beginner-grade electronics issue today. One Google Home Mini succesfully upgraded with a line out socket :slight_smile:

(Afshin Dehkordi) #85

@joeatkin2 for installing a lamp for the lathe

@Jackd @unknowndomain @DAC17 @asander1 @TomHedges for smashing the snug!

(Dale Connolly) #86

Back at you, mate. Good team effort.

(Tom Hedges) #87

Special thank you to @DAC17 and @jackd for making an early start/tip runs/storage construction

(Sarah Jones) #88

Everyone on the snug clear out team at the weekend, amazing work. And @unknowndomain and @joeatkin2 for all the fixing and sorting they’ve been doing together recently. The space is looking so good!

(Jack Derrick) #89

Thank you @Courty for the soldering & technical help yesterday trying to fix my radio!

(Paul Court) #90

You’re welcome Jack - shame we ran out of time… will try again next time !


(Tom Newsom) #91

Thanks to @fincheee for administrating the up-for-grabs :slight_smile:

(Martin John Finch) #92

HUGE thanks to @Jackd for doing the dump run for surplus electronics! And for people who helped with sorting the wheat from the chaff in various electronics boxes. :grinning::grinning:

(Afshin Dehkordi) #93

@CriticalTolerance for cleaning the filter in woodshop
@joeatkin2 and new member Clive (sorry dont your tag) for helping bandsaw some logs
@Calum_Nicoll for buying a greenwood blade for the bandsaw
@Jackd for donating glass cuter to the space which I’ll shortly drop off

(Tom Hedges) #94

Enormous thank you to @fincheee (plus many others) for all the hours of dedication to snug clearing and re-organising

(Martin John Finch) #95

Thanks to @Dermot for arranging disposal of the mountain of waste accumulated in recent weeks outside and inside the Space (see photo). If anyone speaks Spanish, your help would make it easier next time…

(Dale Connolly) #96

I can order beer in Spanish if it helps?

(Elizabeth Joseph) #97

Thankyou to @Twm for an excellent introduction to Fusion 360. 5 of us in attendance. You’re a star!!

(Tom Newsom) #98

@SarahJ is doing a great job wrangling the induction admin. A thankless job, so Thank You :slight_smile:

(unknowndomain) #99

Thanks to all involved in this massive improvement to the estate!

(Sarah Jones) #100

And massive appreciation to @joeatkin2 who has delivered so many inductions recently and has been unfailingly gracious and kind in the face of all my bullying & haranguing about dates and admin.

(unknowndomain) #101

A massive thanks to @jonathanjo for persisting on the tool control for so long.

(unknowndomain) #102

Well done to @emuboy for tidying up the electronics bench again!

(Andrea Campanella) #103

thank you to @Iain9986 for the help cleaning the benches :slight_smile: