Appreciation thread

(unknowndomain) #124

Thanks to the folks involved in replacing all the lighting fixtures on the estate!

(Rob Derbyshire) #125

Thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley for a great induction today and for 2 open evenings before that. Your dedication has made it possible for me to get up and running in the space very quickly.

(Chris) #126

Thanks to @lewisss with help diagnosing the ongoing internet situation :slight_smile:

(Calum Galleitch) #127

Big thank you to @joeatkin2 for letting me distract him from the wiring to show me how to work the thicknesser. Blimey, it is loud, isn’t it?

(Mark Johnson) #128

Thank you @Beth for getting a hammer for the lathe so I don’t rip my knuckles to pieces again

(Dermot Jones) #129

Thanks to @boldaslove and @SarahJ for organising the brilliant Spring Clean today!

Great turnout and huge concerted effort from about 20(?) members

(Neil Thomson) #130

Sorry I couldn’t make it! Pictures?

(Mariam ) #131

Massive thanks to @Beth for her fantastic L1 induction, with infinite patience she explained everything in detail twice- even a dunce like me could understand!
Thankyou so much to @Mouat who took 4 hours(!) out of a beautiful Sunday afternoon to teach me how to make a bowl, he was just amazing. I’m super proud of my bowl (been showing it off to everyone) and I’m really excited to use all of the lathe skills I’ve learned.
I’m humbled by the amount of time and friendliness you guys (and everyone at Makerspace) has invested in me and I hope that in the future I can extend the same time and willingness to teach back into our little community,
Thanks again! : D

(Beth Slater) #132

Thanks Marium, that’s what it’s all about.

(Dale Connolly) #133

Massive thanks to @Mouat for the L2 induction today. Thanks for taking time out of your weekend, for being an awesome inductioner (if that’s even a word?!) and for the patience you showed. Forever grateful.

My bowl.

(Jonty Bottomley) #134

Inductor… very nice!

(Luke M) #135

A very belated thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley for teaching me about (and how to use) the table saw about a week ago - it was super helpful, and you’re a great teacher, Jonty!

(Daniel Sikar) #136

Thanks @courty for dispenser pump and reflow oven demo and of course reflow oven upgrade you are a gentleman and a scholar :+1:

(Paul Court) #137

No Problem, pleasure - if you want to bring your SMD oven in one evening, we can do a couple of the upgrades on that as well ?


(Sarah Jones) #138

Thanks to @TomHedges for all the work he is doing behind the scenes on documenting woodwork inductions - a thankless but essential task that lots of people benefit from, so thank you.

(Luke M) #139

Big thanks to @Esther_Gladstone and @TomHedges for giving up their time to run the L1 Lathe Induction today. I now want to turn every bit of wood I can get my hands on!

(Dean Forbes) #140

@laurent_muchacho and Ian (did not catch your surname) for your time chatting about 3D printing and walking me through SLMS 3DP

(Dean Forbes) #141

@Jonty_Bottomley for the very generous assistance provided on many occasions.

(Tom Hedges) #142

Amen to that.

(Daniel Sikar) #143

Great thanks! I’ll aim to bring it in this side of Christmas :wink: It’s the next one up from the T962a so a bit bulkier to carry.