Appreciation thread

(David Santoro) #208

@Jonty_Bottomley thank you for showing me how to use the tile cutter!

(Martin John Finch) #209

Appreciation to ALL our fabulous inductors, who give their time and expertise, often for free, to us so we can make stuff safely and enjoyably. Thanks especially to @Beth for a thorough and fun level 1 wood lathe induction this week, highly recommended for wood workers who may not have considered wood turning - try it, you’ll like it. :grinning:

(Francisco Nicolas Contreras Moreno) #210

I would like to say thank you to @soulnafein for his warm welcome to the Electronics group and for taking me through my first steps in the wire world.

(David Bibby) #211

Thanks @Jonty_Bottomley for the woodshop induction this evening! Great stuff!
Now I have no excuse not to get working…

(Rich Maynard) #212

Seconded. What a knowledgeable, kind and generally lovely man @Jonty_Bottomley is!

(Tom) #213

Yes, thanks very much Jonty. Really useful session, learned a lot. Also great to meet you folks!

(Tom) #214

A massive thank you to laser legend @petra for showing @Matt_Cliffe, @AaronFox and I around the machine yesterday. Great instruction and an incredible piece of kit. Thank you!

Went to sleep repeatedly muttering the word anticlockwise

(Matt Cliffe) #215

Thanks again @Petra and it was great to meet you Tom and Aaron. See you at the Makerspace again soon, hopefully with some food for a laser cutting and sandwich eating BBQ.

(Petra) #216

Aaaaaa, no foood! But yeah,see you :wink:

(David Cushing) #217

Hot on the footsteps of the guys right above, I’d ALSO like to thank @petra for her time this evening - a full 24 hours later! (This is becoming the Petra appreciation thread!)

Not only did she run a session last night, but then went to work today and then came to induce (?!) the lovely @clang and @Mel, and myself. It was great - thank you so much.

(@Matt_Cliffe has got me wondering though… maybe if we use the rotary tool, we could pop a chicken on there and have us some rotisserie… :zap: :fire: :chicken: :plate_with_cutlery: :poultry_leg: )

(Carol ) #218

Great to meet you three! And thank you so much @petra for excellent, clear instruction on the laser cutter.

(Aaron Fox) #219

Thanks from me also. Really appreciate @petra taking the time out to teach us

(Matt Cliffe) #220

Hahaha, @David_C Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We did discuss it but @Petra said that the food doesn’t taste as good as you think it would, but the tempation to try it is still there.

(Petra) #221

This is health and safety hell guys.

(Matt Cliffe) #222

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to stick to cutting wood and plastic :slight_smile:

(David Cushing) #223

It’s ok, we’re joking.
I’m going to dismantle an old CD player and use the laser from that… :wink:

(David Bibby) #224

Many thanks to @StudioNelle for the laser cutter induction last night! Really looking forward to getting some projects going on it!