Youth: Sublimation digital art workshop (Postponed)

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Making digital, Physical!

This is a workshop aimed at engaging our own youngsters, Siblings kids, Grand kids and our extended families (Brownie’s) to come play with us over the October half term to create digital arty stuff, Minecraft, memes, and literally whatever floats their boat to experience turning that digital interest into a physical object they can take home.

On offer will be Acrylic badge making, Acrylic panels, Scarves and Cloth bracelets/headband/Patches, simple fun stuff!

A £5 donation is recommended to cover materials but not mandatory for this session

Hosts for this event are:

We are all DBS enchanted checked

Ill walk everyone through the process as a demo covering the following:

Creating art on Procreate and having a go at drawing something
Getting your Art to the printer
How to use the heat press safely (they will do it themselves but with an adult)
How to handle hot bendy acrylic as it comes off the heat press (they will do it themselves but with an adult)

Each person will then have a chance to print/heat press their own design, materials will be provided for them

Attendance details: Members can opt to leave young person at workshop but must stay in arch1/2 doing something else if they want, none member responsible adult for young person needs to stay within the workshop space and can opt to also make something or just read a book :smiley:

Tools required: If you have an iPad please bring it with you; Ill bring 4 to the workshop to share

For more deep dive details including examples click on this link: Print Sublimation workshop Oct half term (DRAFT)

To take part simply add your name by posting you would like to attend with your young person/s

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@Grace_OC something for your younger lad maybe?

How many places will there be? And should there be a limit on how many places will there be for a single member to sign up? If I speak to my network of Brownies I would fill them instantly but I appreciate that isn’t fair on other members!

@Brendon_Hatcher plus 1 or 2 kids

We have 3 adults and 1 youth mentor and we are all skilled at working with youths and content.

So I think 4 kids working in pairs should be fine as a ratio of adult to kids, so a max group of 16 young people.

What do you think of this?
8-10 Brownies (hosted by @TracyD as the responsible adult)
6-8 Members youth (parents need to be in the building) so here we are at + 6–8 adults that if they stay in the clean room need to be looked after too.

So far only 1 member with a young person has indicated they would like to come.

Not sure I’ll get 10 but I’ll put it out there. - I don’t think I can be the responsible adult for all 10 so I’ll be asking any Brownies to come with parent too.

Cool, we might end up with more parent members :smiley: and 10 is just a max target number not something we actually have to have :slight_smile:

Appologies to those monitoring this event but we are going to have to postponed to 2024 date for now. The adult version will still take place! and Sabrina will be there so if 1 or 2 members kids want to have a go she can look after them on the Wednesday just PM me.

I also have an advanced DBS check btw in case you’d like helping hands with youth next year considering I’d have time ofc.

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Great to know thanks for offering. :smiley: