Would there be any interest in a portable spray booth for small items?

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Hi guys, I was looking to potentially use the airbrush for some small model projects, and as per the discussion here we have no actual spray booth.

Would there be any interest in a portable spray booth? Like so: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spray-booth-Portable-Fold-Silver/dp/B01II4XSRQ/ref=sr_1_12?crid=1XTUDJFOIR0RA&keywords=portable+spray+booth&qid=1694786427&sprefix=portable+spra%2Caps%2C95&sr=8-12


Hi Mark,:smiley_cat: we will be having a large spray booth ( on the current discussion of arch 2 build ,fingers crossed ) myself and a few others do airbrushing mostly I spray masks and monsters , Steve who kindly lent his compressor and an airbrush does free styling art on T shirts and a few others have done bike frames. I will be in tomorrow all day and Monday if you want to pop in and have a natter and a cuppa (biscuits included ) . Keep well . Brian D=

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Oh yes please I’d be down for that! I’m getting into gunpla and mecha kits along with a friend of mine, been wanting to try out painting them for a while to take them to the next level.

I can be in from around 11-12 I think, I’ll bring a kit or two to show :grin:

Hi Mark, :smiley: the kettle will be on, see you at 11 ish. Keep well . Brian D=

I’m keen to develop my skills spraying custom bike bits, so a spray booth / area would get my vote :+1:

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There’s definitely a plan for a spray booth - we can build out the room relatively easily, I expect the extraction might be a bit of a nightmare but we’ll have to sort it for the welding area anyway


Just chiming in with +1 vote for spray booth, got lots of miniature airbrushing I’d like to do and my flat doesn’t have the best setup for it at the moment.