Workshop inductions

(Gareth Morris) #1

Hi @woodtechs, it really was great seeing Blackhorse workshops induction process on Saturday. I’m eager to meet up to share some insights with you guys ahead of the February induction. Will anyone be available to meet sat/sun for a bit of a handover? I’m afraid I’m working away this week so can’t do any earlier.


(joeatkin2) #2

Cool , it would be good to talk to you if it’s not possible to meet up call me

(Beth Slater) #3

I can only do Sunday afternoon if that’s ok?

(Gareth Morris) #4

Works for me. Is it good for you @joeatkin2?

(joeatkin2) #5

Will try

(Paul Shrubshall) #6

Hi Joe?

I’m happy to come to any meetings if possible and share/learn anything to do with the woodworking area and machines. And of course receive induction on the machines. I’m still learning how discourse works, so not sure exactly who I’m sending this message to!

Paul Shrubshall

(Dermot Jones) #7

What time on Sunday? There’s a couple of other people might be interested: but keep it to experienced members and @woodtechs? This could be highly productive and mean that the inductions the following weekend will go smoothly.

(Mark Johnson) #8

i should be able to make sun afternoon.

(Jesse Mackin) #9

Hi all.
Apologies for my absence. Dermot woke me from my slumber.
Id be keen for Sunday too

(Beth Slater) #10

Erm 3pm?

(Dermot Jones) #11

Probably worth calling out to @alana here as she might have useful input, is interested in running inductions, plus has suggested that Sundays are good for her.

(Gareth Morris) #12

3:00 works for me

(Paul Shrubshall) #13

I can be there this Sunday at 3 or soon after.

(Alana Madden) #14

I should be able to make Sunday afternoon - is this to induct the inductors?
I don’t have much time free this Sunday - so hoping it wont be too long?

(Gareth Morris) #15

Yeah an inductor induction discussion I reckon.
About an hour and a half/two hours def not too much longer

(Dermot Jones) #16

There’s enough experienced people and @woodtechs lined up for it to be this.

(PaulY) #17

Good to see you back buddy!

(joeatkin2) #18

More to talk about the shape of the induction.

I am going to do the first workshop induction of the top of my head and from that we will make formal if you can come along it would be great.

(Alana Madden) #19

Sounds good, though I’ll probably only be able to stay for an hour - I’m supposed to be in the library revising till 4. Is it ok if I get there for 3:30?

(joeatkin2) #20

Not a problem.

If you are available when I do the induction it would be useful