Workshop inductions

(Dermot Jones) #21

Just thought I’d add @Kostas here as it might as he mentioned writing up the 4th Feb inductions, and there will be much relevant stuff happening this Sunday.

(Kostas Ntanos) #22

I’m happy to come along.

(Alana Madden) #23

What time is the induction starting - 3pm?

(joeatkin2) #24

12 o’clock on the 4 of February

(Dermot Jones) #25

This thread is about this Sunday’s meetup

(joeatkin2) #26

I know but she asked what time is the induction starting

(Dermot Jones) #27

Yeah, I just thought about that after I posted.


  • a bunch of woodtechs and other experienced tool users (potential wood shop inductors?) gathering on Sunday from 3pm

  • Sauturday 4 th, 10 people are booked in for iduction from 12. The idea of knocking the induction process into shape with real inductees (if I’ve understood?)

(Tom Newsom) #28

And then hopefully many more sessions to follow from our new inductors!

(joeatkin2) #29

If there’s a support role for them to be put in .


(joeatkin2) #30

It should be noted that I am absolutely against anyone who is not a tech given inductions.

tools are dangerous, and we can’t let anyone do it .

(Chanelle) #31

I’m somewhat confused by this thread. What is happening on Sunday an extra induction session ahead of next week? or an induction session for techs only? Or simply a discussion on best practice when conducting woodshop inductions?

(Beth Slater) #32

A discussion about inductions

(Dermot Jones) #33

I thought we’d talked about this and would bring in others with relevant experience, but have a different designation for them? Like woodSupportTech or somesuch? It means we can get the benefits of some very skilled members who don’t have the time to put in each week to be a tech, and yet keep a core of techs focused on the general running of the workshop.

Absolutely with you on this!

(joeatkin2) #34

Yes , we need that class of tech :grinning:

(Dermot Jones) #35

Hope it’s a good and productive meeting today. Would have liked to be there but have a family engagement followed by a rehearsal today…

Great to see all this energy focused on inductions!

(joeatkin2) #36

Saturday is when the real work starts.

(Dermot Jones) #37

How did it go on Sunday?

(Beth Slater) #38

I think it went well. We had about 12 people attend. @Gazzeh kindly took some notes that will be fed into Saturday’s test induction. We started with a discussion about what the inductions should include, the problems we are having at the minute and heard how Blackhorse run their inductions and then we went into the workshop and inducted each other on different tools including machinery and hand tools. I think there may still be some creases that need ironing out but it looks like more work will get done on Saturday. The session did highlight that there is a massive amount of knowledge and skill amoungst our membership…but we already knew that, right?!

(Mike) #39

Is it possible to join the induction (to be inducted to woodshop) on Saturday?

(Beth Slater) #40

Hi Mike, no one is actually going to be inducted on Saturday. It is just the inductors running through what they will do for the wood workshop induction and then working out if it needs any changes and setting in stone the order and content of the indunction from then on. If it all goes accordingly it means that people will start getting inducted in the next few weeks. Hope this helps.