Woodwork induction handbook

As recently discussed, here is a scan of the original woodwork induction handbook. It probably exists digitally somewhere on the web site, but had this copy lying around from when we started a video shoot way back when.

As you can see, it is very comprehensive and well done.


Woodwork induction handbook.pdf (7.2 MB)


Cool yes, thanks Martin!

The original is linked here:

We just need to start doing woodshop inductions it seems!


We just need to start doing woodshop inductions it seems!

Yes indeed. How about we start by gauging the demand: can we set up a survey of all members by email (and discourse users) asking something like this:

Q. Do you need a woodwork induction?

  1. Yes, right now please!
  2. Yes, it’s something I would like to do one day, but no urgent need
  3. No, I have already had one
  4. No, I’m not interested in using the wood shop at the space.
  5. No, I am not currently a member

With this data, we can plan better for future inductions, both quantity and content.

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Yes, right now please but I also want to become a wood tech to help with further inductions and members requests…

Have we run email surveys before? Is there a way of doing this already preferred or do we just need to find one?

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I really don’t think we’ll be short of people wanting inductions

As part of the joining survey new members are asked what their areas of interest are… I don’t have the figures to hand but over 50% are interested in woodwork!.The members survey had woodwork at the top too IIRC

So I don’t think we re risking anything by getting dates in the calendar for this

P.S. emailing members about inductions is great, but only if the inductions are available



I am currently working on the Basic Woodworking Induction. Rewriting it and putting it into a workable guidance for inductors.
I will post more details on Monday and set up some date for inductions.


It would be great to get the ball rolling for the next stage after the general induction. Pre-Covid there was a three tier system linked to the colour coded tool control. Is that now defunct ( as the tool control has been changed)?

The tiered structure was a nice idea…but no one ever got on the tools via it

So…possibly not the solution we need

Agreed. I guess I’m thinking how will people get the practical induction / training they need to safely operate the more dangerous machinery?

The preferred way is project based learning…


I’m coming for a CNC Induction on Monday 11th October at 11.30am so a Woodwork Induction would work for me on the same day if that suits any of the wood techs.

Ok, how are we going to do this and make it work safely ?

It’s up to inductors really: the old way is to have an induction and send members off with their new permissions…the problem with this is that a lot of the information is quickly forgotten if not used over the following weeks

The two solutions that seem most practical:

  • inductees have a time period (two weeks maybe?) to produce a piece of work using the equipment they were inducted on, after which their permission is signed off.

  • inductees turn up with a project they want to do and the induction is a starting point for them – slightly harder for inductor to manage, I imagine

Both of the above are ways to keep up the momentum, and embed skills and knowledge, but they’re open to suggestion and development.

In the past inductors have felt they’ve run inductions and then never seen the members use the tool again: we recognise that there’s a gulf between getting inducted and actually starting your first project

P.S it’s up to individual tech teams to decide what works best for them and their area!

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Ok, that sounds like a reasonable process. How will this work in practice now - when we are restricted to one person per room - so cannot be inducted or get face to face support with our projects due to the same restrictions


We’re putting in two air cleaners per room (except woodshop) to make it safer for groups. This will of course be members’ personal choice about COVID safety

Otherwise we’re still encouraging imaginative use of Outer Space for inductions where practical (basic woodworking etc, but not practical for table saw)

Yea, none of this works without 2 members in a room for the most part.

I have been doing 1:1 CNC inductions for double jabbed members with the doors open and 2 air cleaners on. They of course have to be comfortable with this and it is completely voluntary.

Many people are riding the bus/tube and going to the pub, so this is ok with them, those that are not should wait until they are.

As for projects- part of the CNC induction is doing your own mini-project mostly on their own. Hopefully this gets them hands on enough to remember. The 2 week thing would be difficult to manage and enforce, you could give them provisonal access to tool controls, but would you then take it away if the member couldn’t complete a project in 2 weeks? And if life got in the way and they didn’t would you then do the induction all over again? For me as an inductor I think showing then doing in one session is most practical.

Hope that makes sense!


I think the project part is to work on and decide as appropriate. But having to think through and own a project is very powerful for learning

As for 2 week thing: it encourages the next project to start while the info is fresh, but there’d be leeway – some inductees will already have vast experience for example


Yes, agreed! I am encouraging members to bring their own vector file to use and to watch VCarve Pro tutorials in advance, so far many have been able to jump in and do a mini-project that they care about vs. just engraving ‘TEST’ or something and not having to set it up from scratch by themselves…


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I have a project that will require the table saw, planer thicknesser, band saw, morticer, table router or spindle moulder and possibly the pillar drill?

If I could be inducted one machine at a time and carry this project through then as soon as I am able to provide assistance on any machine I am willing to give up one full weekend day every week or at least every other to be at the space and either help people on the bigger machines or do inductions on smaller tools?

I can also give up a couple of evenings per week to get inducted on smaller stuff to get the ball rolling?

Basically, if there are any wood techs out there willing to get me up to speed 1:1 then I can make time but my main focus is on the big machines and I’m ready to go on a project…

I realise that sometimes waiting for this to happen by committee means it never happens so if it helps to directly arrange then get in touch, the sooner I am up to speed the sooner I am willing to pass on the knowledge