CAD / CAM Software for Mac

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Is there mac compatible VCarvePro? I’m only able to find a .exe file to download from their site.

Hi @afshind - unfortunately not - the one downside! Although some have used Parallels (license cost, but has a 30 day trial) to run it, or you can use Boot Camp (google it), we are also looking into the feasibility of creating a Virtual Machine for Mac users to run it. We may also setup a CNC design PC in the space that can be used without tying up the Laser PC, but that doesn’t help you at home.

We are not tied to VCarve only, but needed something easy to use to get new users up and running and so far it has been great for that. There are certainly other applications you can use on Mac, but they also have downsides and/or costs, take a look at this comparison - the only one I have used is Fusion 360, which is good for advanced users if you have a license…

If you find anything better let us know!

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Oh yea- and looks like not all of those 5 actually have CAM capabilities - so let us know if you find any other Mac alternatives…

We’ve veered off topic…so I might as well continue…

@afshind Freecad works with Mac!


(I split this off to its own thread)

Great suggestion @Dermot - if someone wants to try it out, that would be great! Also would be good if we can share any machine specific configs / tool library information.

For reference I have a Fusion 360 machine spec for the small CNC on the tools page…


I’ve downloaded a VM for Windows10 which runs in VirtualBox on my MacBook, will need to be reinstalled every 3 months but is legal and valid and I have VCarve installed and I’ve entered the MakerSpace license code which was exported from the PC in the space…

I’ll see how I go with that and update here but looking good for now :grin:

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How about getting a dedicated machine setup with fusion 360? I’m pretty sure the MakerSpace could achieve some kinda license agreement with Autodesk. This would offer a full cad cam solution.

Dedicated machine we can do… it’s the licensing that is still not there (unless something changed)

Unless we can qualify for this?

Ok, change that - I looked closer at this - seems like the free personal / hobby license would be fine… I don’t see any limitations really that would stop members using it for hobby purposes… @Jonathan - am I missing anything?

There are some limitations in the personal hobby setup at may be frustrating so would be better to look into other full access routes. Will do some reading tonight and report back

Cool, yeah take a look - I read the limitations and didn’t see any showstoppers… largely they were things we don’t have anyways - ie 4th axis.