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Now the inductions are up and running for the lathe I’m starting this thread for all things turning related. Any questions, inspiration etc.

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There is a folder for the lathe. I will add more stuff to it!

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Turners may notice that the roughing gouge, 1/4" spindle gouge, skew chisel and some of the scrapers have been sharpened! Makes a massive difference. Obviously will be doing our best to keep ontop of the sharpening from now on.

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You da man!

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Just a reminder to all the turners - can we put away the tools after turning and remove the centres from the lathe as a point of safety. No one wants sharp things sticking out or lying around when they are not in use.

Use the bar to knock out the 4 pronged centre, and the free centre in the tailstock is self ejecting - just wind back the wheel.

Any problems with any of this or not knowing where stuff goes etc just ask.


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Just been sent this message through my woodturning association, just in case it is of interest:

Good Morning.
I currently run a sawmill in Cornwall, due to a change in my tenancy the sawmill is unfortunately required to close this March. I have a great collection of West Country timber to sell and will be offering at auction in February. We are the last outlet in this area to offer timber off the shelf to turners and hobbyists and I am emailing you to see if you could let your members know about the sale. Wood lots will be coming on line over the next couple of weeks via www.husseys.co.uk and www.crocadon.co.uk. Please let me know if you would like any further information. Many thanks is advance for your help, it is much appreciated.
Kind regards
Mike Mann
Crocadon Sawmill

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nice one beth!

I’m up for buying some blanks if any ones interested in clubing together?

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Ooh, I was just drawing up a coffee table I’d like to build (no turning involved though). I’ll be wanting some nice hardwood for legs and trims. I’ll pay attention to this :slight_smile:

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I need something for a looong rolling pin!

(PaulY) #10

like the sound of that.
would be nice to see the plans at some point.

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I hope by ‘range of modules’ you mean air hockey and LED Tetris!

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Looks like the auction lots are pretty big in size.
Price of delivery or collect from Exeter would probably rule me out. Bummer.

I’m on constant look out for free / cheap wood sources. Havent found one yet other than skips and on the street blah blah. But need something more “reliable”.

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If you don’t mind green wood of mixed quality, have you tried the council? In Southwark, I believe the park maintenance team give their bigger chunks of felled/pollarded trees to the adult education centre for their wood carving students.

(Beth Slater) #15

A clear illustration of the difference between spindle turning and faceplate turning. It’s all in the direction of the grain…

(Dermot Jones) #16

In have contacts in Lambeth and Southwark and could ask about this. What might we be looking for?

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Spotted this box at my turning association this evening. Thought it was a cool idea.

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Hi all,

I’m keen to introduce people to some great videos on understanding and avoiding catches as part of our induction process. I’ve found them super helpful myself to understand the mechanics of what’s actually happening and why.

Here’s what I like:
Skew chisel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOvF5f1phhY
Bowl catches - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBNAkRe9bxw

Also this is pretty good but a bit too in depth about cutting cleanly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMVGankeK0I&t=2754s

(Sam Blausten) #20

Hi all.

Now we have the new gouge, what do people think about a new grind for the arsenal? I was thinking it would be great to have a 55 degree classic/short grind for getting a nice push cut with the bevel riding on the inside of deeper bowls.

Happy to grind it if people agree. Was thinking the Henry Taylor would be the easiest candidate as it is already a classic grind but actually, the 1/4" Sourby might make more sense as we’ve got two very similar gouges at the moment that I find pretty much interchangeable - the 1/4 and 1/2 flutes. I had a go with the new 3/8 yesterday and it is really nice for working on transition points and small stuff but going to 55 would limit it quite a bit.

Having a irish grind on either end of the size spectrum would be quite handy.