Woodshop waste - Please read if you use the woodshop

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Hello Makers.

The rubbish has been stored in the woodshop, but we need to organise our waste better. This is a temporary layout until we build more permanent homes, but if you could please separate as follows.

**Blue: ** GENERAL WASTE. Anything that isn’t wood and sawdust must go in this bag.

**Green: ** SAWDUST ONLY. This is anything like shavings, chips from a router etc, nothing that can puncture a hole in a soft bag.

**Red: ** WOOD PIECES. This is for all offcuts that’s aren’t generally used for jigs, spacers etc. Please break down your offcuts when people so they fit into the bags.

Spare bags are hanging from the PPE cupboard. When one of these bags is full, it needs to be put into a QUANTUM BAG and placed outside Arch 1. These bags must only be used for the wood offcuts. General rubbish and sawdust can go directly into separate Quantum bags. DO NOT use the large plastic bags, these are for the dust extractors. Quantum bags can be found above the 3D printers.

All RECYCLABLES can be thrown away next door (Arch1). Being a woodshop, we shouldn’t have much cardboard etc, so please walk it next door for now. This applies to all CANS as well.

FOOD STUFF. No food cartons, boxes, containers etc., are to be discarded in the woodshop. You can eat your food in the woodshop, but not throw anything away containing food stuff. If a rat can eat it, do not throw it into the woodshop bins, take it to Arch 1 kitchen. @andrewuren spotted a rat in the woodshop today and this will keep happening if we have food stuff lying in and around sawdust.

Please can everyone help the woodtechs out and try maintain this system. Apologies for the long post, but let’s keep the shop clean and free from furry friends.


Updated on Recycling/waste How To


Yes, thank you @Ben_Mahon!!

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