Recycling and Waste Collection - updated January 2023


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Update: January 2023 – as of 2019 we use Branded Quantum Waste bags - these are prepaid at £2.50 each, so are only to be used for waste and recycling, never for any other purposes

Makerspace members are encouraged to consider the environmental impact of their own projects and wherever possible find and suggest ways to improve our overall impact. All ideas are welcome here!


However: making produces waste…

We use the innovative company Quantum for our waste collection and recycling. They collect our bagged waste and recycling from our two wheelie bins in the bike area out front. Larger items can be collected, but only by prior arrangement

Our waste is collected every Wednesday - in theory!!!

All waste and recycling needs to be in clear plastic bags. We have thinner gauge bags for general waste and recycling and heavier gauge bags for wood and sawdust – We pay a fixed price per bag collected, and bags can take up to 10KG per bag – so please avoid putting under-filled bags out. Let’s get our money’s worth!

Whenever a bin or bag is full of rubbish/recycling tie it up and take it out. Waste goes in either the red or green wheelie bins outside the space in the garden area directly opposite our front door: please prioritise putting general waste in the wheelie bins as these will often contain food waste – we love wildlife and don’t want to ruin a rat’s chances of a long life with our high-cholesterol scraps. Recycling can be placed beside the bins. Collections should be often enough that the bins don’t get full

The codes for the padlocks are 0000


The Woodshop

RECYCLABLES - Taken to Arch1. Being a woodshop, we shouldn’t have much cardboard etc, so please walk it next door for now. This applies to all CANS as well.

FOOD STUFF - No food cartons, boxes, containers etc., are to be discarded in the woodshop. You can eat your food in the woodshop, but not throw anything away containing food stuff. If a rat can eat it, do not throw it into the woodshop bins, take it to Arch 1.

**Blue: ** GENERAL WASTE. Anything that isn’t wood/sawdust/food/recycling must go in this bag.

**Green: ** SAWDUST ONLY. This is anything like shavings, chips from a router etc, nothing that can puncture a hole in a soft bag.

**Red: ** WOOD PIECES. This is for all offcuts that’s aren’t generally used for jigs, spacers etc. Please break down your offcuts so they fit into the bags.

Spare bags are hanging from the PPE cupboard. When one of these bags is full, it needs to be put into a QUANTUM BAG and placed outside Arch 1. These bags must only be used for the wood offcuts. General rubbish and sawdust can go directly into separate Quantum bags. DO NOT use the large plastic bags, these are for the dust extractors. Quantum bags can be found above the 3D printers.

The Clean Room & Washroom

Kitchen: Separate Recycling and Waste bins, both take thinner gauge clear bags, food waste recycling bin which takes compostable bags. Bags stored under sink.

Washroom: Small bin, currently we use carrier bags as liners. Spares under sink.

The Messy Room

One waste bin, one recycling bin. Use thinner clear bin bags from kitchen cupboard, under sink.

Laser materials off-cuts should go in the waste.


What can be put in mixed recycling?

Clean dry recyclables

  • Paper (Paper, leaflets, brochures, magazines, catalogues, envelopes [inc w/window] & newspapers)
  • Cardboard (Cardboard & tetra pak)
  • Plastic (Plastic bottles, carrier bags, plastic films)
    Type 1 (PET), 2 (HDPE), 3, (PVC), 4 (LDPE), 5 (PP), 6 (PS)
  • Metal (Drinks cans and food tins)
  • Glass (bottles and jars)

What can’t be put in mixed recycling?

  • Scrap metal
  • Scrap plastic (eg. laser cutter offcuts)
  • Food-stained card/paper (eg. pizza boxes and paper plates)

What can be put in general waste?

  • Rubber
  • Latex
  • Expanded polystyrene (can’t be recycled)
  • Scrap metal – pending a recycling solution
  • Scrap plastic (eg. laser cutter offcuts) – pending a recycling solution
  • Food-stained card/paper (eg. pizza boxes and paper plates)
  • general rubbish

Battery Recycling

We now have a battery recycling box provided by ERP - it is located under the printer in the social area.


Electrical Recycling

Any electrical items can be put in the 3 week recycling bin for members to harvest. After this we’ll move them to an electrical recycling bin and we’ll arrange with 123 Recycle for Free to collect items periodically as the bin becomes full, or there is substantial electrical waste to take away. We’ll also make a call out just before for anyone who has stuff at home to add to the collection

Metal Recycling

We currently don’t have a system in place – please come up with suggestions, as metals are supremely recyclable.

Useful off-cuts should go in the corner by the metal lathe.