We now use Branded Quantum Waste bags - these are prepaid at £2 each, strictly for waste and recycling only

(Dermot Jones) #1

As above: all waste/recycling now needs to go in branded bags – we pay £2 each for these as advance payment for waste collection, so we need to make sure they don’t end up being casually used as general plastic bags. Thanks

I’ve made a note at the top of the relevant page…

(Tom Hedges) #2

Sounds like a good system! But the linked post starts contradicting itself - talking about 40p bags and double bagging. Could someone who knows the current state of play review that entire post and ensure it’s all up-to-date?

(Dermot Jones) #3

Yes – I’ll update it properly later…this is just to make people aware for now

(Tom Hedges) #4

Great, thanks Dermot!