Woodshop TLC Day/evening - Tonight!

(EdwardBilson) #1

Happy new year all you @woodworkers! Hope that you received all the chisels and saws you wished for over the festive season.

The wood workshop has changed a fair bit over the last year. We have a new mitre saw with a modified bench, a new bandsaw, substantial changes to the tool storage and lathe bench layout, and most importantly fantastic changes to the dust extraction and air filtration systems.

So what next? Well we have plans. First, we’ll run a few woodworking inductions in the coming months to make sure everyone who wants to can use the shop. More advanced inductions are still in the works.

Second, essential maintenance and repairs to machine tools. The planer-thicknesser is currently undergoing major repair work, and we will be commissioning our upgraded bandsaw shortly.

Thirdly, we want to start a regular event for the woodshop modelled something like electronics night. This would revolve around giving the space a little TLC to keep everything safe and in working order, and a variety of personal and woodshop projects.

  • Tool sharpening and maintenance of both SLMS and personal tools. Want to get your chisels perfectly sharp? Come in and learn to use the Tormek, and do a couple of communal chisels as well!

  • Mutual help on projects: got a stack of boards you want to thickness? It’s easier with two people. Need the tablesaw? A woodtech will be around.

I for one will be practicing my joinery this year, with the aim of improving my hand tool skills and working up to a bigger project.

This isn’t designed to replace e.g. the hand tools group - more to keep the shop in a safe and clear environment and build a sense of community. The better a state it’s in, the easier it will be for everyone to use it - and that’s what we want, people making things safely and happily.

So that’s the update for the woodshop. What would you like to see from a wood shop TLC day?

(Dan Harrison) #2

This sounds great. Don’t know what to suggest as I’m new to the space, looking forward to getting my first inductions on Sunday, but I’d be happy to join in.

(sorry if I’m going of topic, but how do I get added to the (AT)woodworkers distribution list?)

(Dale Connolly) #3

Tool sharpening sessions sound great. Have a new set of German chisels I’ve had sat since last Xmas. Happily spend time sharpening some of the space ones in return for getting mine sorted. Had a session on the tormek today with @deanforbes helping me get my whittling knife sharpened, so on my way to perfecting the skill :+1:t2:

(EdwardBilson) #4

You get the basic woodwork induction - we’ll be running some soon.

(Gilbert Townshend) #5

I’d really love this. I got inducted over a year ago but I’ve been sort of too intimidated by everything to actually make anything, having some people around to get advice from and to stop me ruining things would be great.

(Sarah Jones) #6

This sounds great. I’ve got out of practice recently and have a bunch of boards I must make something with!

(Peter Allen) #7

Very keen to see something on a regular basis, tool sharpening and use of some of the larger kit particularly good. My vote would be for some daytime sessions - any thoughts on when this might be?

(Sarah Jones) #8

I’d like to make a board like this one, for climbing training. I have a nice piece of oak I could use but it’s rough sawn and I’d need some help / guidance with the planer & router. If there is any weekday when a woodtech would be in and would have some time to help that would be really great.

(Afshin Dehkordi) #9

@SarahJ I would love to make one too, its been on my wish list for a long time. I’ve been using the planar a fair bit, can share what I know. Also have some Japanese planes we can use for fine tuning.

Be great to make them side by side .

(Sarah Jones) #10

Yes! Let’s do it! Are you around this Sunday evening?

(Afshin Dehkordi) #11

Darn! Out of London this weekend!

How about next Sunday? 20th? Also can do midweek (day or evening), from Monday 21st.

(Chris Neil) #12

This is a really great idea. It makes sense to structure people being able to help maintain tools and storage at all levels of ability to give something back. Also could be a good place to prep, or arrange a time to prep larger materials or machine timber with someone experienced.

How often do you think is realistic?

What’s the news on the thicknesses/planner and bandsaw and can I help at all? I have no engineering or machine maintenance background but I have hands😳

(EdwardBilson) #13

My current understanding is that the motor has been rewound and returned, so now we need to look at the gearbox, and then have a session where we take it apart again and then put everything back together. I’ll keep people posted!

(Sarah Jones) #14

Cool Wednesday 23rd I’m free all day - I could meet you there any time from 9:30.

(Martin John Finch) #15

100% agreed, this is a great idea. I’m on board. @CriticalTolerance, please set a date/time for the first session.

(Afshin Dehkordi) #16

Sarah, 23rd is good for, only caveat is that i’ve done by taxes by then! But shall we pencil in say 3pm?

(Afshin Dehkordi) #17

Working together to make useful/frequently used jigs for the woodspace?

Making drawers/boxes with finger joints or dovetails?

(Gilbert Townshend) #18

I’m in.

(Sarah Jones) #19

Is anyone around today, either before 3 this afternoon or this evening from 7?

I’d like to put two boards through the planer & jointer & then glue them together and then I could also help with general stuff in the workshop.

(EdwardBilson) #20

Hi Sarah, today is actually the inaugural TLC event, so someone will be around from seven, yes.
There have been various issues with the planet/thicknesser which means it’s out of action, but the little thicknesser should be working…