Woodshop TLC Day/evening - Tonight!

(Sarah Jones) #21

Oh great I thought it might be but then couldn’t see it here. I’ll come down around 7 thanks.

(Dermot Jones) #22

(Martin John Finch) #23

I have a cold, so won’t be there, sorry. Will be there for the next one.

(Dan Harrison) #24

Nice to meet some new (to me) faces last night and thanks Ed for hosting the session, both therapeutic and informative at the same time :+1:

(Sarah Jones) #25

Seconded! It’s really nice to have a specific reason to come down when you don’t have a project on the go.

(EdwardBilson) #26

Thanks everyone for the effort in clearing up the workshop, that corner looks spectacular. I think the first one was a success, I’ll arrange a regular night!