Woodshop Router Induction/Use

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(Christian Lowes) #1

Hello fellow SLMS’ers,

I’m going to be undertaking some brass inlay into a walnut box some point next weekend. Now, I’ve already been inducted on the Speedy 300 laser cutter, which I’m going to use to stencil the inlay pattern. I’d then like to be able to utilise a wood-shop router to route out the 4mm W x 4mm D patterns, hopefully giving me a clean base to lay the brass into.

Now I’ve not been induced onto a router, nor have I seen a mention of it on Discourse. Could someone perhaps induct on me on the router as a one on one session, or could perhaps quickly router out the sections for me?

thanks guys. :slight_smile:


(Dermot Jones) #2

@woodtechs is this ready to go?

(RobertL) #3

I’d like router inducing too :rofl: for a long overdue project I’ve got just hanging around

(Mark Johnson) #4

What size is the hole / shape you need to cut.
If it is only 4 mm wide we do not have a router cutter that small ( I think 6mm is the smallest and it is not bearing guided)

Happy to have a look to see if there are some other options.

(Mark Johnson) #5

Router inductions are pretty much ready to go, however the first 2 inductions will be going to @woodtechs and those who have a lot of experience of routers

(RobertL) #6

Thanks. I need fairly small holes too. I’ll check

(Christian Lowes) #7

Hi Mark,

So the inlays will be set with 4mm x 4mm square brass bar’s that I’ve purchase. I’ll cut them to shape and then inset them in into the routed or cut outlines. The pattern on the top of the box is quite intricate, an art decco style inlay, so it might be challenge for me, but I’m keen. (See below screen capture)

If we don’t have a router bit that small I’d be happy to purchase one for the Makerspace for all to utilise.

Let me know.

(Rich Maynard) #8

That would be dead easy with a CNC router. Just a few corners to chisel out…

The other way to do it would be to laser cut 4mm thick material and lay it up on top of a flat piece.

(Christian Lowes) #9

Hi Rich,

We don’t have a CNC router in the space do we? :confused:

If not, then the 4mm idea using the laser cutter would also be a great idea.

(Rich Maynard) #10

No, we don’t, but we should have and I like to take every opportunity to mention it :wink:

(Mark Johnson) #11

Laser cutter solution would be way easier than the router ,

Check out this

(RobertL) #12

I’ve heard rumours of a cnc :male_detective:

I need to route 3-4mm as my ply isn’t laser compatible :sleepy: otherwise I wood