Wood Workshop Inductions - Waiting list now open!

(Tom Newsom) #1


Wood workshop inductions are starting soon. There is great demand so be sure to get yourself on the waiting list as soon as you can:

To be clear, this is the foundation session, which you must attend before attending sessions for the big dangerous tools like the table saw.

(Pete Hellyer) #2

Just to add, the directors are aware that some people have been waiting a long time for this induction setup to start running. Therefore It’s slightly difficult to tell what the order of the induction list should be right now as many have been very patient.

To account for this in the sign up process for the waiting list we’ll be actively juggling the list around for the next week or so. We’ll try and be as fair as possible in this process, but some priority will be given to members who have been waiting the longest. (n.b we don’t have a great metric for that, but a good proxy is ‘how long have you been a member’). Feel free to PM me to plead any specific cases though.

I’ll post again when this initial ‘list massaging’ is over.

(laurent_muchacho) #3

Guys my name keep being edited out it was entered in revision 8 and 12 of the doc

(Dermot Jones) #4

Probably an EDIT clash: if two people edit at the same time then one edit is lost

(laurent_muchacho) #5

Ok will try to edit once in the office thx @Dermot

(Andrew D) #6

I guess the waiting list system is not perfect, either, and does not really do away with the perceived unfairness of signing up to lists for each individual induction session, especially if the list is long, as this one is likely to be.

(Tom Newsom) #7

Suggestions for a more perfect system would be very gladly welcomed, no doubt!

(Andrew D) #8

If the inductions are not going to start for, say, more than one week from today (and I don’t suppose they are), appeal for people to put their name forward within one week into an unordered list. Those names are then sorted according to the length of membership. Those names put forward after the cut-off date go to the bottom of the list, regardless of length of membership.

(Tom Newsom) #9

Isn’t that exactly what pete suggested in his reply?

(Pete Hellyer) #10

This is the plan. See my comments in the announcement thread

(Andrew D) #11

Pete’s comment on the matter hinted at it, but it was not exact.

I suggest that the numbers be taken out of the existing list, and an explicit mention that it is currently not an ordered list be inserted into the thread. And mention of how and when it will be ordered added also, or at least, that it is yet to be decided.

(Dermot Jones) #12

Yes. But remember this is @woodtechs domain, the directors have just stepped in to manage the situation a bit until they get here!

(Tom Newsom) #13

Added a note to the waiting list

(Sandre) #14

Can’t add myself – tells me to add a category, Induction Waiting list is not there.

(Tyler Oliver) #15

Running into the same issue as Sandre. I can’t add myself as I need to modify the category.

(Tom Newsom) #16

Bizarre. Gimme a sec

(Tom Newsom) #17

Try now?

(Sandre) #18

Still nope. I just added and put in induction sessions as the category.

Guessing that we don’t have permissions to make topics or something like that in Induction Waiting Lists, but really odd we can’t edit a topic that’s already there without moving it.

(laurent_muchacho) #19

hopefully my edit will remain in there now that multiple edit have quiet down.

(Tom Newsom) #20

You don’t need to make a new topic, you need to edit the waiting list.

  1. Go here: Wood Workshop (Foundation) Induction Waiting List
  2. Click this

Now you can add your name to the list

(@sandre - I’ve done yours for you)