Wood Workshop Inductions - Waiting list now open!

(Dermot Jones) #21

You’re in there @Sandre

I’ve changed it back to waiting lists. Probably a load of EDIT clashes confusing this too

(Andrew D) #22

I had the same problem when I added myself last night. When editing the wiki, a blank category field appears above the post edit field. I set the category to that which it was in originally–Induction Sessions-- and it worked.

(Sandre) #23

Hmm, strange, that’s exactly what I did?

(tom.j.w89@gmail.com) #24

Hi all,

I’m unable to edit the waiting list to add myself. Is there a step I’m missing after clicking on the green edit link?

(Tom Hedges) #25

I’ve added you to the list. After you’ve clicked the green coloured “Edit this wiki post” link at the top of the post, you should get a sort-of-pop-up box, with two copies of the post side by side. If you click the button with the pencil icon labelled “edit this wiki” label, then you should be able to edit the version on the left, and the version on the right becomes a preview.
@tomnewsom - I had to add a category to save the changes… is that right?
PS - welcome @tom_w!

(Tom Newsom) #26

the waiting list is for members only

tom_w : you hadn’t linked your discourse account, so Discourse didn’t know you were a member, but I’ve done that for you now :slight_smile:

(tom.j.w89@gmail.com) #27

Thanks Tom!

(tom.j.w89@gmail.com) #28

Thanks Tom!

I suspected it was my own oversight somewhere along the line :slight_smile: Thanks for sorting it out for me

(Johann Steven Gutierrez Valencia) #29


Im new to the makerspace, I just signed up and went to have a general inductions today, I would love to get on the waiting list for the wood workshop, but its not allowing me access :frowning: would you be able to help



(Tom Newsom) #30

Two things need to happen

  1. Your first payment needs to be processed
  2. You need to link your discourse account: https://members.southlondonmakerspace.org/profile/discourse

Then you’ll be able to access the members-only parts of discourse