What You Can Do For Your Makerspace

(unknowndomain) #42

It doesn’t handle repeating events that aren’t weekly repeating, i.e. every other week or monthly, quarterly, etc…

(Danny Taylor) #43

I’m happy to run some inductions once I have been inducted myself.

That said, is this list up to date?

(Naomi Zainuddin) #44

@unknowndomain and @matt do you still need help with the new membership system? My flatmate (who came to the open evening with me but isn’t yet on Discourse) knows all those technologies and says he’d be happy to help.

(unknowndomain) #45

Myself and @naxxfish look after the system at present but we’re keen to get more folks working on it as we’ve got a few big ideas on how it can be improved.

And it always needs another pair of eyes for maintenance!

(unknowndomain) #46

It’s probably time this thread was either globally unpinned or updated.

(Dermot Jones) #47