What You Can Do For Your Makerspace

(Richard Laing) #22

I would like to volunteer for this as I am a network admin, are you still looking for help?

Yours Richard

(Tom Newsom) #23

Very much so :slight_smile:

You’ll have to be a member first though!

(Ted Williams) #24

I’m not a network admin but it’s something I’d love to learn more about so if you do end up working on this Richard, perhaps you could help me understand how network magic works and I could lend a hand in return?

(Tom Lynch) #25

It doesn’t have to be one person, I and notably everything is setup but it would be good for someone to keep maintaining it and fix a few issues.

(Ted Williams) #26

Is there a list of issues? I’m happy to assess how I might be able to help.

(Tom Lynch) #27

Fixing the VPN would be the first thing, I’ve spent ages and contact the manufacturer but no luck so far.

Then we need to buy and fit a network patch panel and wire all the cables to it. I am ordering one tonight hopefully.

(Paul Court) #28

Is the Internet from BT by chance?


(Tom Lynch) #29

Sadly, BT line, via Andrews & Arnold, who donate the line, which is amazing, but it’s only as fast as BT will peddle.

(Paul Court) #30

There’s a known issue with BT and vpns especially if it’s not a ‘commercial’ line.

Something else for Thursday ! Lol


(Tom Lynch) #31

Oh, not sure, but the issue is with the Router OS…

(Simon Thompson) #32

@woodtechs Is there anything on this list for an unskilled but sensible person to do? Do the tool risk assessments still need to be done?

I’ve just joined and don’t have a key yet, but if someone is going to be around after work this week I’m happy to come over and find out what needs doing.

Let me know, thanks,


(Zoltán Sütő) #33

I have experience with openvpn if that helps. Also in networking…
And I’m very much interested in node.js I’m planning to extend my backend knowledge of 12 years of php programming :slight_smile:

(Tom Lynch) #34

The issue is there is a fault with the router’s firmware that Ubiquity refuses to acknowledge let alone repair.

As for the membership system, @courty wants to meet tomorrow, but I am not sure if @jonathanjo is free.

(Zoltán Sütő) #35

Are you talking about the BT router?
Could we circumvent it…? Extracting the pppoe username and password and then using a wrt router with which we can do whatever we want

(Tom Lynch) #36

No there is a BT modem and a Ubiquity EdgeRouter X we don’t want to switch to WRT, the EdgeRouter is fine, it’s just the VPN doesn’t work and needs some poking.

(Jonathan Kobylanski) #37

Hey wondering if you still need a hand with the website?

I’m skilled in Wordpress, html and CSS

Do you know who I need to get in touch about the leaflet?

(Tom Newsom) #38

Tom’s left the space I’m afraid.

But if you’re interested in helping out there is a specific wordpress problem that needs solving:



The handling of repeating events assumes that they’re only ever weekly. We need it to take account of “First Tuesday Of The Month” events eg. SOcial Evening and Members Meeting.

(Jonathan Kobylanski) #39

Ah ok…
Would need to take a look at the system and the back end a little bit more to understand the full problem but I have a feeling I know a buddy that I could communicate with that would be able to sort this out pretty easily once i get to know the problem.

As for the leaflet is that done?

(Tom Lynch) #40

It fundamentally isn’t possible, the data isn’t provided by Google. It would require reading weeks ahead matching events and inferring a pattern.

However the CSS is a bit whacky there is weird spacing between the headings and the content i.e. between - Events and sub text, and then the events.

(Tom Hedges) #41

I’m intrigued, and need to brush up my PHP. I take it this feeds events listing at https://www.southlondonmakerspace.org/ … it looks correct to me at present?

On a linked theme - looking at Calendar - the social evening occurs on the calendar on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, but the description says “on the first Tuesday of each month…” - which is it? I have yet to make it down to find out…
Or is this part of the problem under discussion?

PS - i like the ASCII art makerspace logo :smiley: