Wed 9 May 7pm - 3D Modelling Workshop

(RobertL) #1

This would be useful to those new to 3D modelling or printing

Including 3D text and accessing millions of existing 3D models which you can use or edit

It will teach you the basic concepts of 3D modelling and help you create 3D models for printing

30mins to 1 hour (depending on experience)

Just reply to this thread
(until I can add an attendance list like inductions. Is that possible?)

Suggested £5 donation to SLMakerSpace or whatever you can afford


  • Your own laptop would be useful although there’s a free web version which should work on most devices

  • Install offline version before workshop if you can (I’ll help if you can’t. It only takes 5 mins)

  • An idea, sketch or drawing of something you’d like to create. With as many dimension measurements as possible


For a super fast start we’ll use Sketchup

For various reasons it’s highly advisable to move onto something more powerful ASAP eg. Fusion 360, Inventor, Rhino

It will default to the online version

For the purposes of this workshop you’ll want the download option

Google “sketchup” and click the download link (provided below)

The 2017 standard version is free or you can use 2018 Pro version free for 30 days :wink:

The standard version is more than enough to get started but grab the Pro trial for now


Basic 3D Sketchup workshop offered for 3D modelling/printing and maybe 2D/laser cutting?
(Nick Cripps) #2

I’d like to sign up.

(RobertL) #3

You’re in :slight_smile:

(James Hamon Watt) #4

Can I come along too?

(RobertL) #5

I think there’s one other from the old thread.

Numbers are limited by desk space

(RobertL) #6

So @Sipos, @angelajb and @JamesHW so far.
Maybe space for 1 more

(angela jaen baker) #7

Fantastic. Will see you tomorrow then at the MakerSpace . 7 pm ?

(angela jaen baker) #8

just double checked. yep 7 pm :smiley:

(RobertL) #9

Thank you all for attending my first 3 person workshop. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

A couple of extra things to mention:

  • Practice what we learned or you may forget
  • More powerful software (Fusion, Inventor, Rhino, etc.) each have their own working style which can be infuriating until you ‘get it’
  • Use Fusion, etc to replicate what we did in Sketchup and you’ll see what I mean

(Nick Cripps) #10

Will do. Thanks @RobertL for hosting it.