Volunteer Hub

Welcome to the Volunteer Hub

If you would like to get more involved in the Maker Space but you’re not sure how, browse the table below, pick something and jump in!

There are three types of opportunity, Role, Project and Job. A job should be something that can be completed on a single visit to the Maker Space. A project may require a greater commitment and a role is an ongoing responsibility like a tech or an inductor.

A job or project may have three supervision levels:

  • No Supervision
  • Loose Supervision / co-ordination required
  • High Supervision - need to work closely with the job contact.

A job may also have three skill levels:

  • No Skill necessary
  • Skills will be taught
  • Must already have the required skills
Type Skill Supervision Level Contact(s) Details Added Expiry Volunteer name and progress update
Job Being able to repair the iMac screen next to the 3D printer none See post here Fix the screen backlight. 28/01/2023 28/03/2023
Job None Loose @welcome We need two people to help host an open evening every second Wednesday. A member of the welcome team will support 22/01/2023 Ongoing
Role None None @welcome We need a new member in the Welcome Team. Typically you will help host Open Evenings, welcome new members on discourse and think of ways to make engaging with the space/community easier and more fun. 22/01/2023 28/02/2023
Job None No supervision @lathetechs Anti slip floor grip tape gone missing, if anyone can find it, it would be very much appreciated. na
Job Passed L1 induction that included Tormek sharpening loose supervision @lathetechs sharpening gouges and identifying which need new handles and making record of it NA
Job none no supervision directors Finding a suitable grant for slms to be able to fund much needed builds and expansion and applying for it as soon as possible
Job Patch the Rat Holes loose supervision Rat Hole List 02/02/2023 n/a
Job had a basic woodwork induction loose supervision @welcome make an A board suitable for Open evenings NA
Role passed L2 and turned 10 faceplate projects without loosing faith or fingers loose supervision @lathetechs run some L2 inductions

Thanks for creating this page. @lathetechs I can take the sharpening gouges job… I’ve seen videos and tried once. If you are happy with my poor experience I’m available tomorrow (24/01)

Got the double stopper sign! I’ll take it to the space today.