Volunteer days: WOODSHOP is moving: 17-18 sept

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Hello all.

We have a date for the big move. In two weeks time (17-18 September) we’ll be moving everything from the current woodshop to the shiny new woodshop 2.0. I’d like to thank all those involved up to this point in getting Arch2 where it is today.

There is lots that’ll need to be done on these two days and apart from this being an informative post, it’s also a call for volunteers.

The list of things needing to be done are extensive:

  1. Wiring up the machines to the new circuits
  2. Recalibrating the machines after they’ve been moved
  3. Cleaning and lubricating machines (perfect as well have to remove a few pieces to make moving easier)
  4. Fitting acoustic ceiling panels
  5. Running the new dust extraction pipes
  6. Creating French cleats to adapt the current woodshop cabinetry to fit onto our new cleating system

There will be more things to do and we’ll allocate people to certain tasks before the time, which will hopefully make the days run smoother and more efficiently.

If you’re interested in woodwork and want to learn about our machines, extraction etc, this is the perfect opportunity. Training/inductions will be done to ensure everyone can do what they need to do safely.

Some housekeeping things to note. The woodshop will not be operational from 16 SEP - 1 OCT, as we’ll need to set up tool control, test the machinery and ensure everything is running safely for our members.

Please add your names to the list below and what day/s you’ll be able to help. We’ll be moving both days from early in the morning to late at night:

  1. @ryanf - sat/sun
  2. @asander1 - sat/sun (probably late shift)
  3. @esta sat(all day)/sun(afternoon)
  4. @Federico i can be in the space either sat or sun, let me know when you prefer
  5. @Brendon_Hatcher - I can do 4 hours on either day, pretty good at fetching and carrying, and making order out of chaos.
  6. @amanda I can do Sunday but no electricals if you value your life
    1, @Auntsita100- I can help Sun afternoon .

I unfortunately head out on the 14th. Is it possible to work on things like the ceiling panels or ducting ahead of time?


If some jobs can be done ahead of time then I can do Saturday 10th afternoon if we have a sort of ‘pre-move’ prep volunteer day or in fact pretty much any evening during the week up until then?

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Unfortunately I head out to Germany on Friday the 16th sorry, otherwise I would love to be apart of this


Ah okay. Let me have a think about what can get done before the move. We need to reinstate the wall between the woodshop and the metalwork area, but @lewisss will know more about that and whether it needs to be done yet.

Probably limited in what I can do as a non-member but can probably assist for some time Sat & Sun.


I can probably help one of the days but I’ll need to let you know closer to the time.

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I’m afraid I’m away, but would love to help out with any finishing touches towards the end of Sept

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I’m available Saturday to pitch in

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Woops - turns out we are away that weekend! Will see what I can help with in the run-up to then! Please keep us posted on tasks that don’t need to wait!


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I won´t be able to help on that weekend, but happy to do any prep if needed this one (10th-11th).


@Pau, @Kyle, @smjmaker, @asander1, @PReardon - If you guys are free this weekend and want to do something, we could build some benches. We’ll be making the carcasses from unistrut and using MRMDF for the tops.

I can be there the whole of Saturday if you’d like to make a start on these and anything else we can get done? If anyone else is reading this, you’re welcome to come and give a hand too.


Hey Sally, I don’t see anything wrong with you coming down to help if you’d like. It’s a nice way to get involved with and meet the community before you become a member :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan,

Yes, OK, I’ll be down from 1pm onwards on Saturday, maybe earlier if I am home sooner… :slight_smile:

Swim faster :slight_smile:


My steel toe capped boots are ready for action !

What’s the best time to arrive ? On the basis that I won’t be able to get “in” I’m sort of assuming there will be people milling around and in and out of the arches ??

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This weekend I’ll be around from 9:30, but if you’d prefer to come the following weekend with everyone else, we’ll most likely get going at 9, if not earlier.

I should be able to make time!!

Hi Ryan, lathe techs are happy to meet 19th to finish setting up lathe and make a bench for it, will that be okay with you?

Not a member at the moment, but happy to help on Saturday 17 if useful. I’m excellent at moving boxes and making tea, and I know my way around a wood and metal workshop.