Vinyl Cutter Tests!

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Hi Makers!

@Kyle, @Julia and I fired up the vinyl cutter for a bit tonight!

A bit of work to do, put pretty close!

Will update the tool page with our findings…

What happened to the edges of no.1?
Looks like it didn’t cut right through.

I think someone’s adjusted the rollers…they were set up just right, but last.time I looked they’d been messed.up and were not feeding vinyl correctly (or it may be you started with a horrible piece of vinyl?)

Worth looking at whether the latest version of Inkscape works with this now as we always had to do the workaround with Linux before, which is fine,.but a barrier to many

London Hackspace have a good WiKi on this generic
‘Roland’ cutter IIRC

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Yea! The vinyl was terrible, looked like someone crinkled it all up… this was not a quality test!

None of us had ever used it, just wanted to try it.

Works fine from my Mac, will setup the Space’s iMac for it so everyone doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel.

The space’s Linux laptop is dead… and not worth fixing - we tried it. You said we had some other laptops or PCs? Where are those?


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Cool, It’s a fun bit of kit!

@Edd will bring the laptops in imminently

2 Likes shows the issue was with Inkscape HPGL export. Turns out 1.0 had a regression and 1.1.1 includes the fix.

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Ya! Explains so much!!!