Vinyl Cutter Tests!

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For me the trick was realizing that the raspberry pi is located inside of the base of the machine. If you go to the link on the the tool page it’s there. Turn the machine on, test it, then log onto the space Wi-Fi and drop in your file and it should go automatically

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I am curious, up to which thickness can we cut with this?

There are some backing sheets hanging on a screw on the wall (they are small and sized for the Robo cutter, but work for the big one too)

EDIT: carrier sheets is the term

Most vinyl will have its own backing, but carrier sheets are used for a bunch of other things: supporting paper for plotting, cutting fabrics, thin card, paper…and copper and aluminium tapes – you might have spotted metallic letters around the Space (letter box for instance)…flexible circuit boards are a possibility, but cutting foil is hit and miss in my experience