URGENT: Makerspace Closing due to Covid-19 - 17/03/2020

Hello @members,

Today, the UK government advice regarding Covid-19 has been updated. It now states:

  • Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others
  • You should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues

Accordingly, we will be closing the Makerspace as soon as possible. Please note the key details of the closure process:

  • No further making of any sort is to happen at the Makerspace from now.
  • Access to collect any personal possessions will be possible until 10pm on Tuesday 17th March. You should plan to spend as little time as possible in the space – not more than 10 minutes.
    • Note: @Howard is kindly spending the day at the space, so that non-keyholders can get in to collect belongings.
  • At 10pm on Tuesday 17th March, the Makerspace will be physically closed – members will no longer be able to access the space until further notice.
  • We do not know how long the Makerspace will remain closed – however, we anticipate it will be for at least 2 weeks. This will be reviewed regularly by the Directors, following UK Government advice.

Whilst the physical space will be closed, our community continues on Discourse – so please do join the discussions. Hopefully many of you will be able to continue making at home during this period – you might find an idea for a new make on Discourse or be able to share your own tips and suggestions!

Once we know how long the space needs to remain closed, we will discuss the issue of membership subs with all members. For now, subs will continue to be taken by Direct Debit – the space may be closed, but most of our major costs (such as rent and business rates) still need to be paid. As ever, if you are in financial hardship please contact the Directors and we can discuss an alternative arrangement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Directors.
At this difficult time, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Thank you,

The Directors


This is a really responsible way forward :clap: . I’d appeal to all members to keep their memberships going, we’ve lost our space in the past for several months and members found innovative ways to keep meeting in the pub, this time perhaps members can meet online!


Seconded, and thank you to the directors for updating this guidance so rapidly and trying to stay ahead of things.


Thirded :wink:
I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to make anything or get to know anyone yet but am staying on board!


Thank you all. It can’t have been an easy decision, and it makes me a little sad to think I can’t go down there and ‘do a thing’. Like others have said, I’m in it for the long haul and will be most happy to continue with membership fees in the interim.
Take care, everyone. Be careful.
Wash those little handies - they won’t wash themselves.
(Oh, actually, they will… never mind…)


Needs to be done, the schools as well.


Stay safe people! See you on the other side!


How about a virtual (online from home) electronics night on Thursday?

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We are already up to it , we have a discord server , but we are managing the logistics of it

You might find Hangouts is a better platform as you can record it to YouTube like Adafruit does every week.

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It’s a good use case for hangout but I’m not planning to record it

Ahh I misunderstood, I was talking to @Dermot about organsing something like this with Makerspace and posting online for the wider audience.

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We’ll do a whole range of stuff!


(For who need an explaination)


I completely understand the reason for closing the makerspace and give credit to the directors and trustees for taking this action.

I hope and pray that we get over this!

yup, lets go for it!

My son’s school has “off” years 8 & 9 but not 7, 10 ,11. strange eh!

They say that they are not laying off the 10,11 years cause of exams, and the 7’s cause they are younger

Could be worth reaching out about rent…