Urgent.....Do we want this industrial storage unit?

(Ross Zeibari) #1

A business a few doors up from me was getting rid of this:

Do we want it?
Its currently in my communal passage, cant really stay for long.
If we want it could we collect today with that van thats dropping the lathe off?

(Tom Newsom) #2

That looks very useful to me. Fully adjustable by the looks of it so we could tailor all all the shelves/holes to our needs. Unless there are any objections, I think we should take it.

Could you take the dimensions?

The lathe is coming tomorrow, but the van is only for that delivery, so we’d need to arrange some other transport.

(Dermot Jones) #3

Also: where is it?

(Ross Zeibari) #4

dims roughly
180 x 90 x 50
Located around the corner from Clapham North tube station.

(Neil Thomson) #5

It’s not got a insignificant footprint, I’m not sure where is free to put it that isn’t already earmarked for something that it could replace? Unless it fills a specific purpose, we’ll be purging before too long…

(Pete Hellyer) #6

snug for storage?

(Ross Zeibari) #7

it would be a shame to stash it away out of sight, it has a nice industrial feel. would be great next to the metal working equipment, would give the place a nice feel!

thats just me with my interior hat on…would defo be great solid storage any place!

(Dermot Jones) #8

It’s hard to see where it would fit there.

But… @metaltechs?

(Frank Scott) #9

We don’t have enough storage space.

The rickety bench by the wall between the steel topped bend and mill bench will be displaced by the lathe.

We will need extra storage space for the lathe bits and the 200x200mm slots in a steel cabinet would be ideal for heavy metal working tools.

(Tom Newsom) #10

It could also go left of the dusty doors, replacing the lean-to wood pile.

Either way, if it can’t fit anywhere, it can be disassembled.

(Mark Johnson) #11

Could it go on the wall for the textile storage?

If not behind the chop saw maybe

I am for getting it

(Mark Johnson) #12

We no longer need the shelves behind the chop saw for the skill saw, router, planer, sander,jigsaw… Just to clarify

(Ross Zeibari) #13

so guys do we have a decision?
and if so then how to get it back?

if its not going to happen I need to stick it on gumtree ASAP and then by tomorrow eve if its not gone then it goes back on the street for the scrap man.

sorry for putting pressure on!

(Pete Hellyer) #14

I think it would find a home in the space (personal opinion). How it would get there is another issue. Any members with a large car, or a small van?

(Andrew D) #15

This might work for my suggestion of bag/personal belongings storage, as a place for people to put these things when they visit the space, in the place where the coat rack is at the moment, against the toilet wall.

(Dermot Jones) #16

I can see the value for it there. But where would the unit itself go?

(conomara) #17

some great shelving, but we should look for things to match our needs, not look for needs to match things, especially things this large.
Also, we have not decided what we are doing with the snug, we already have a tonne of adjustable shelving in there filled with stuff which may never be used, and some which will nearly def never be used.
Shelving will get filled if we get it.

We are very short of space

(Frank Scott) #18

How about along the steel topped bench in the space between it and the screen printing wall bench.

Not ideal, but I’ve got to move the contents of the rickety bench somewhere.

(conomara) #19

i support getting it if Frank has a need for it in metalwork, but bear in mind that we have alot of steel shelving stacked in the snug, not being used
if metalwork need it, somebody mentioned putting storage on castors and sitting it behind one of the double doors leading into the messy room, against where the blackboard in the messy room is??
is this possible for something like this?

(Tom Newsom) #20

The un-used steel shelves in the snug are only shelves, with no supports. They should be junked, really.

This storage unit is fully configurable. It’s pigeon holes at the moment, but it could be anything.