Urgent.....Do we want this industrial storage unit?

(Pete Hellyer) #21

Sounds like the main difficulty here is getting it into the space. I’m afraid it won’t fit in the tiny silver petemobile or I’d pick it up myself…

(Ross Zeibari) #22

I was hoping we could have used the van from this evening, or if someone else had an empty van. MY van which I didnt want to use due to it being full of stuff could be used. I would however have to spend time at a mates house emptying it out.

If we want this unit and someone can help me at around 7pm today, meeting me at Clapham north tube station then I’ll go collect my van and make temporary space in there.

(Tom Newsom) #23

@frasco - maybe it’s worth calling the lathe van man and seeing if he fancies earning a little extra this evening?

(Dermot Jones) #24

It’ll fit in my van.

Timing is the issue as we’re expecting the lathe between 6 and 8 pm. Is it accessible before then? I’m working in Clapham South at the moment

(Ross Zeibari) #25

yes potentially just before 6 if that works for you?

you can call me 0†*****""""""6 to let me now where you are!

(Edited out your Mob number- Dermot)

(Ross Zeibari) #26

thanks mate!

(JK) #27

It is a beautiful piece of industrial shelving, very on trend and worth a lot of money to buy. If it doesn’t work well for the space then gift it to the British Heart Foundation who will sell it and let us know how the monetary gain supports them

(JK) #28

Dermot, thanks for editing out the phone number, good practice and good to know that @directors are respectful of Makerspace members.

(Ross Zeibari) #29

I know its very on trend Jackie, the industrial look, but damn, worth a lot of money??? I would have sold it to a hipster in shoreditch if I’d have known that :slight_smile:

but seriously yes I think if it doesnt fit (although I hope it does)then donating it to a charity would be great idea!

(Frank Scott) #30

A gift from the gods.

With the displacement of of already inadequate storage in the metal corner by the lathe, the lovely pidgeon hole storage will be rapidly filled with metal bits when I get to the space this afternoon to start tidying up after the disruption of partially installing the lathe.

(Ross Zeibari) #31

I’ve always fancied myself as being classed as a God :slight_smile:

(JK) #32

btw, I love it and want it for my house, it’s a really useful set of shelves!

(Dermot Jones) #33

It’s great, though it was a bit of an over dominant presence when we brought it in…maybe just a bit tall?

(JK) #34

Yeah it’s tall but worth it cus the cubbyholes fit hand tools etc really well & they’re not too big which means ‘you can find things’!