Tormek needs new shaft

I was trying to replace the old tormek stone with the new one.

Unfortunately the old tormek stone is pretty well rusted onto the shaft.

I would suggest getting a stainless steel replacement one like this one


Just to reiterate the tormek is out of order until the shaft is replaced.

The new shafts are stainless so don’t rust and have a mechanism that makes it easy to change the stone if required.

It would be good to get something sorted so tools can be sharpened once again

@directors can the woodshop card be issued to someone who can take care of these things? @Julia , @Giles, @LuptonM … I know you guys know what’s missing usually, Julia has been involved in getting many things for the space maintanance-wise…

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I am happy to purchase a new one with permission of @directors

I may as well buy it – unless someone with a prepaid card buys it I have virtually the same admin overhead to reimburse a purchase

I can buy it then as have laser and toilet cards to save the admin overheads then, but thought someone who’s present could get a woodshop prepaid card maybe.

Who’s up for this? Would be excellent to have some new woodtechs too!

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Damn: out of stock

EDIT: ordered from Axminster

EDIT 2: It’s arrived – will drop it off over the weekend


I am going into the workshop later in the week.

Where did abouts have you dropped off the shaft in the space?

I’ll put the tormek back together and get it working again

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It’s on a shelf above the cross cut saw

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