Tool control in arch 2 not connecting to the system

Hi, touching my fob on tool control in arch2 but I got connection failed message. How do I restart it? Or is there any other way to fix this? Thanks

@woodtechs @Kyle also connection to door2 failed :point_up::pray:

If both are not working sounds like the internet router in Arch 2 is not working…

If just the door, here is the procedure:

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Restarted arch2 router… all sorted.

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Cool, good work!

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I’ll print a sign and put it up next to tool control, members might not know to look on discourse. I’ll add a QR code as well.

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Has anyone had the same problem with woodshop tool control before? Arch 2 door reader has been pretty regularly acting up. The router cabinet setup is a little delicate with the ssd dock now so it’d be good to get to any root causes and avoid digging in there often.

We had this issue last night - and had to reboot it.

Woodshop TC, not the door just to confirm?
Any instances before last night?

The arch 2 door access was playing up last night

Great, thanks! The door reader has been very temperamental. Does anyone know of the woodshop TC reader having issues before last night?

Only thing I can think of is occasionally I’ve had the display on the tool control in arch 2 not display anything (but it works otherwise). That might be a different thing though

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