Thursday 11th of Nov 2021, electronics and social night ! Inside the Space!

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After the THE BIG TIDY we are finally ready to host a new electronics night in the warmth and comfort of the belly of the makerspace!

Join us to talk about technology, electronics or just to meet someone new at the space!

RVSP on Meetup to let me know you are coming !


I really wanted to come to help I couldn’t make it.

I’m still own you a refresh on the 3D printer, if I remember correctly? :slight_smile:

I’d like to attend. But insists I have a photo before I sign up to this event, but won’t let me upload one no matter what I do… so please consider me RSVP’d.


Sadly I can’t make it tonight. Still recovering from yesterday’s covid booster. Looking forward to making one of these nights in the future!


Glad I have joined this event :grinning: