THE BIG TIDY: Volunteer Day and BBQ Party on Sunday 7/11/21

I’ll be there.


Sounds great! I’ll be there


I’ll be down there but maybe mid-late afternoon…


I will be there too :slight_smile:

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A few notes here that I hope will be useful

Overriding approach to getting rid of stuff:

  • make sure it’s not needed – historically we’ve had the digital clock remote, an £800 chopsaw and an espresso maker thrown out deliberately, but in error (I saved the coffee machine)
  • is it a member’s item? We need to give members the chance to retrieve their stuff
  • Sort out landfill, reusable and recyclable items. Work out which waste/reuse stream stuff needs to go into and label/store appropriately. Think about who might need what we’re getting rid of

Quantum bags for general waste and recycling can take up to 10kg

There will be space in the next Arch 2 skip for general (non putrescible) waste

Tidy the clean room

  • all work surfaces to be cleared – only ‘unmoveable/permanent equipment’ to be left on work surfaces (3d printers are a good example), the only other exception is COVID safety/sanitising gear, which should have clearly designated places. Reminder: there is no storage of members’ projects/equipment in Clean room ever, so any non-SLMS can be moved/boxed. Avoid ‘tidying as hiding’ – we’ve lost items for years because of being tidied away in an obscure place! Maybe have an ‘I don’t know where it goes box’?
    Sort and label ‘stationary drawers’ – and fix the handles!
  • refit birch panel to wall beside main doors – small module attached to wall stud needs removing first (@Courty?) and be very vigilant with any wiring behind. These panel are fitted using black plasterboard screws (should be some in the Snug) PH2 driver bit)Do not attempt if in any doubt


Finish big ‘M’ – needs some more detailing

Paint walls either side of doors? If we have the paint?

Window frames need scraping/sanding (avoiding sanding the glass!) and Osmo oiling

Reclaim our picnic bench and bike parking area

Bike rack needs bolting to floor

Vent planter (the ‘tea pot’ one) needs knocking into shape and fixing to the ground – the positioning was quite specific for this to make sure there’s always bike access even when a car is parked beside it

Messy Room

  • Clear desk policy: all work surfaces to be cleared – only ‘unmoveable/permanent equipment’ to be left on work surfaces (milling machine and CNC are good examples in this room), the only other exception is COVID safety/sanitising gear, which should have clearly designated places. So zero small tools etc. Reminder: the only storage of members’ projects/equipment in Messy Room is by pre-booking the assembly area. Avoid ‘tidying as hiding’ – maybe have an ‘I don’t know where it goes box’?


We don’t see any of these plants as weeds as nearly everything is contributing to biodiversity, but the plants do need reining in here and there, and there’s a couple of dead specimens that need removing

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Great summary!

I’ll be there with a prospective member and a couple of maybe useful kids? :joy:


I will come by soon :slight_smile:

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Me and @palmada worked hard today and the electronic benches are looking fit for use :ok_hand:


It was a pleasure to meet you all and see the place in person :smiley:


Well done, looks great! I was disappointed I couldn’t make it. I was out in Surrey for a glass blowing class!


Huge success! The space feels amazing now! Thanks to all the volunteers yesterday!!


Thank you so much to everyone that turned up yesterday and help make this happen!

All Clean Room areas are now clear of old clutter and ready to be used to their full potential again!

Thank you to @fincheee for fixing up the last air purifier this is working great and doubles as a levitation devise… (does anyone have a picture or video?

And thank you to everyone that helped with the BBQ and made it a fun team working event!


@smjmaker took some levitation machine video

Thank you for organising this Julia and the bbq. It was fun it was great to re-meet some of those I’d met when I first joined nearly 2 years ago & to get to know some new faces (& names, I hope!) - & the place looked great, very clean and tidy, I’m looking forward to coming down again soon :smiley:


“We are back, baby”


It won’t let me upload the video but here is a download link if anyone wants to see the paranormal activity? :ghost:

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Was totally amazed by the space and transformation from dumping ground to better than I have ever seen it!

Well done to everyone who took part


Bike frame found a new home…