Thursay 2nd of July it's electronics night! 5 years anniversary edition!

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I recently discovered that the first elecronics night (called uMeet back then) was the 2nd of June 2015! by @gordonendersby ! why are we celebrating today?

Well, the title was erroneously written as " μMeet Thursday 4th July 2015" and then changed to June, and this is something I do constantly.

The other reasons is that I jus discovered it.

See you there after 19.00!

link :


It’s tomorrow!

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What’s the Discord link? And are visitors welcome? There’s a local fellow looking at air quality monitoring with a RasPi

@Courty you did something like this? Maybe with your bespoke esp8266 PCB?

@dermot, I did !
Mine monitors CO2, volitiles (pollutants like un burned fuels), 2.5um and 10um particles and sensor temp. Data is written to Thingspeak.


is anyone joining in today?