Suggestion for a tool

Been meaning to do this for a while but I keep forgetting (remembered tonight while working on some acrylic !)

What do you guys think about something like this ? would this be a useful addition to the tool kit?

Works well on Acrylic, Aluminium, Steel, Precious metals etc but would need an RA and may be an induction as they have a habit of snatching/catching if used incorrectly.


can be seen working here :


Me and frank were talking about this a few months ago, there’s really good 3 phase ones available for not a lot of money, I think that we should get one but as always I think that we should go for the 3 phase heavy duty tool that is cheap because most people don’t have the right type of electricity


Looks good, my question would where would it live? Polishing/buffing is okay in the Messy Workshop I assume, but grinding isn’t. Would this be under @metaltechs then?

Risk Assessments are actually quite quick to work up – contrary to what most people assume…or the evidence of our track record…and an induction for this should be a quick thing…however it will need members to own this process.

Anyway 2018 is the year we master the whole induction/Risk Assessment beast…definitely!


Would have to live in the messy area as they can be a bit dusty. Yes, I was thinking over by the metal work area as it’s one of those cross area tools but mainly metal. @metaltechs, is that ok ?


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Dust is something we shouldn’t knowingly add to the Messy room though…so we’d need effective extraction from the sounds of it?

Not a huge amount like grinding etc could be, mainly cotton fluff etc but would need thinking about/checking.
May be hoover extraction would be enough ?



I know that I keep repeating this but we have a big extract. …

It would be great if we finally finished it then

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What does it need to make it finished?

Someone to order some bits , and a bit of time spent on the controller

If you can tell what exact bits we need and the space will refund me I’m happy to sort out purchasing them.

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Catch me next time you see me

Great - mind if I call you instead/do you need to show me in person? My hours are somewhat sporadic/late night and think it might be a while till we bump into each other!


Shout me when you are in and I will pop down

Apologies I missed this, yes polisher/buffer can be in metal area.


This is an old topic but had the right title. Just a query, I used this tool before it’s really handy and easy to use to bend a straight line into a sheet of acrylic. Theres also a jig so you can get 90 degree angles.

Anyone think this would be useful for the space? It would be £193 in total for the bender and jig.

Cheers m’dears,

Definitely think a strip heater is a good idea, especially in conjunction with the laser cutter and Fusion 360 sheet metal modelling (which works really nicely for acrylic too)

Not sure about that model, though. It can only bend 210mm long bends - is that enough?

They are relatively simple to make with an electric fire element.

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Hi Richard great idea. Would you like to make one? If not, then yes a larger one would be good to buy. I’ll try and see what the @directors think.

I’d love to but I just don’t have the time.

Just bare in mind that using an electric fire element you will not get the even distribution of heat, you will get bubbling in the acrylic and not very straight edges. By the time you’ve got your fire and spent time on making one you might as well just buy one. Plus if this is for business you require it to be CE and if a fire is caused or someone is hurt then you would not be covered by your insurance. Rotabend also do larger machines up to 3 Meters!

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