Snug Transfer

Snug is about 70% empty! Mostly Tech stuff to go!

Thanks to all that helped today!


Excellent work! Very well done!

How should we proceed with the unclaimed member’s projects? Set a cutoff date and then chuck them? Maybe @petra could give us some useful advice?

I think we already set a date no? And it is passed…

The important thing is to not just chuck stuff but re-use, repurpose and recycle as much as possible… I will dig up a summary from Dermot on this, we want it out of the space but not in the landfill…

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Theres a lot of posts from the 2x annual clearouts… here is one

We should try and avoid the usual process of putting the same unclaimed and unpicked up projects back in storage and do something like this:

  1. Make a section of the room free for all lefover projects and materials
  2. Techs can have first dibs for their areas (1 week)
  3. Everything left is free for members to freely take (2 weeks)
  4. Post stuff that is left on Freecycle etc for non members to reuse (2 weeks)
  5. Recycle what we can
  6. Chuck the rest



Yeah! +1

Happy to assist!

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I fogot the space taking stuff for tech areas! Edited! Yes- will need your help to coordinate!

All left over projects are currently along the left wall in the old woodshop.

There are random material throughout the woodshop but we can go in there and have a look at them and move them to the left wall as well.

We will need space for all the tech stuff and some more in the woodshop soon so we we’ll probably need to more the process along quicker then outlined in 2., 3., and 4. We have pictures of all the left over items so they could be posted and anyone could claim them but needs to remove them from the space within a week or so.

How does that sound? :slightly_smiling_face: