SLMS Jobs Page - Feedback wanted


Makerspace is an amazing place to come and make friends and things.

Just like any other organisation it needs lots of energy, time and effort to make it work.

Volunteers are running inductions, cleaning the laser cutter, buying solder for the electronics bench, moderating the website, planning events, buying the loo roll and much much more…

In the last meeting it was suggested that we create a Jobs Page to advertise Jobs that need doing. It received a positive response from the members and directors in the room.

So, it’s probably worth us giving it a go…famous last words…

Why have a Job Page?

  • We need a lot of help from members to keep the space going and improving.
  • Members old and new don’t always know we need help or how to help
  • People don’t always want to make a commitment of becoming a tech or don’t think they have the skills to take on such a big role
  • People lead busy lives and maybe only have an hour or so to complete a simple task for the space.
  • A tech may need help but not know who to ask.
  • Sometimes Techs step down and need replacing
  • We don’t always know what skills and time are on offer outside of the core group
  • It’s all about communication!

What does the ‘job’ in ‘job page’ mean?

A ‘Job’ can refer to either a ‘role’ [like a Textiles Tech] or a ‘task’ [like changing a light bulb].

This is an opportunity to revitalise areas and think about ‘Jobs’ in a new way. For example, maybe we need to restart our Marketing Department? Does any one want to run our Instagram or Facebook accounts? Could we be doing other promotional work? Should they be organising open days? Do they need a Marketing Manager? Are there small one off tasks that need doing? Organising a movie night? Organising a “fix your toaster event” for local people to attend??

Example Roles (just examples):

  • Marketing Manager
  • Events Manager (Xmas party/ Spring Clean / Summer party / other event organiser)
  • Data analyst
  • Web Master
  • Fixer
  • Systems Manager
  • Systems Support
  • Inductions Researcher (Research how other makerspaces do this and report back to the community)
  • Inductions Project Manager (Manage a project in an area and report back to directors)
  • Pillar drill inductor (trained and approved by a tech / induct members on this tool)
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Contributors
  • Instagram Poster

Example Tasks (just examples):

  • Clean the laser cutter on 1st Tuesday of the month
  • Fix the electronic table draws
  • Find a new contractor for waste disposal
  • Order food and drinks for xyz event
  • Clean the woodwork shop on the 1st of July every year
  • buy vegan food for summer party
  • Do the tax return
  • Sharpen XYZ tools
  • Write pillar drill risk assessment
  • Write drill induction

Won’t it be an admin burden?

Maybe! But hopefully not. It’s supposed to help us communicate when things need doing, not add to our list of burdens. It’s about delegation - passing on the responsibility of day to day tasks to someone who has the time or an interest in sharing what they know or learning something new. You could learn / bring / share real skills that are transferable to the real world or your CV? Or maybe just get some satisfaction from helping out other members.

Will it work?

Who knows? Maybe? Is it worth a try? And if it doesn’t, we will at least have a list of areas where we need help and potentially have a better understanding of where issues lie. It probably won’t work perfectly right away, but we might learn some useful stuff along the way.


1. Feedback wanted

So first step, let’s get some feedback from the wider community:

  • Do you have any suggestions?
  • Have you got a good example of this working somewhere else?
  • Can you think of any Jobs that could be added?
  • Have we missed anything?

Post away!

2. A fun project for someone

Secondly, we will shortly be posting SLMS’s first Job Ad - asking for a developer to work on this project. Starting as we mean to go on!

Please note:

If you have any ideas please add them to this post. In the spirit of creativity [and Makerspace] let’s try to get as many ideas as possible. Anything you can think of, anything at all. If you think someone else’s idea is poop, then resist dumping on it. Try thinking of a better idea and posting that instead.

This sounds great! I was going to suggest we get a Wiki running as discourse is not the place for this type of content. Im happy to host / run / moderate this if we want to go ahead with it.

I also think we should setup a project management governance group, which will ensure projects are set up efficiently, completed and learning taken from them into other future projects. Happy to take a lead / get involved on this.


Cool! We will be placing the official advert for the “developer” soon. You can apply to that.

We announced starting the new Governance Review II in the last members meeting. I’m not sure if meeting notes are out yet? So i think only the people at the meeting know what was said.
Currently a post is being written [for discourse] to invite members to get involved with that. Again you could get involved with that if you wanted to.

Also members are always free to bring up whatever topics that want at meetings on on here if they feel like there is a subject or proposal they want to make.

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Thanks Oli, Its quite heartwarming to hear some encouraging noises!
I noticed on some recent ‘introductions’ that guys are willing to offer assistance to the Space, but I feel that the Space is not giving a matching ‘pull’ for their ‘push’.
There are a few jobs that need to be filled immediately. The first is getting some assistance going for @Clix managing the inductions for the wood workshop. Even if its only doing thepre- and post- admin. this could be done by someone who wants to help, but has difficulty attending.
Organising it all likewise. This could be an opportunity for someone who wants to learn Project Management from those like us who are qualified in the subject.
@recursion and I met on Tuesday and developed a couple of strands which could be run with, but, like Paul we are waiting for the minutes from the last meeting…


PS. If you were not at the meeting, I described this at the meeting as a Business Architecture, though with hindsight, it should probably be better described as an Organisational Architecture which includes a thought through motivation model.

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Think this is a great idea @boldaslove.

Having sort of ‘lite’ techs would help the space. People who are able to assist on certain tools and equipment, without having the full title and responsibilities of a tech. So no messing about with fixing tools etc. Just like super users who can assist newer and less experienced people.


Also having a definitive list of stuff that needs doing around the space would be handy. There’s an old thread on discourse with jobs to do but it’s easily lost. A wiki or something sounds like a good proposal.

Thumbs up for all of this.


This is a great idea and in fact what would probably make sense is appointing a volunteering manager who collects requests for help, and finds people and ways of motivating people to do said work without burning out.


Apologies that the advert hasn’t come out for a lead for this project.
I’m still in discussions with the directors about what the role remit is.

I was hoping to get the advert out before the xmas break, but it looks like things will take a bit longer than that.

update when i have something…

Not sure what you need from a developer, but if its helpful i can stand up an instance of Media Wiki or similar over the weekend - happy to donate the hosting space medium-term.
This would give us a space to start planning and let everyone have their 2 cents.

Hi Oli. That’s sounds great. Thanks for showing interest in this. Sorry it’s taking so long to move this forward.

One of the directors has already set up a test page on discourse. Running on Wordpress. The in house technology.

It’s currently in the “of the peg” mode more or less.
We need to move it forward using the feedback gathered and make it into a fully loaded page that fits our requirements.
Add authentication, allow for updates work out who needs contacting.
Launch it.

Nothing too taxing but a piece of work none the less.

I’ll update when I hear back…I was planning to advertise it as a job to the membership and see who opts in. I don’t know if there’s a few people that want to work on it. But I’m sure there are more projects we could look at too.

Identify any part of the business that could be improved by some tech and propose a solution. Any member is free to do that. The hard bit isn’t the tech but getting positive feedback approval and support implementing.

…if any one who read this post is interested in applying for the manager/developer role please look here:

Do you know what!
This is actually a great idea.

I think we should get something like this up and running. We used to have a list on a post. But some kind of actual online updateable task list could be really useful

@TomHedges it would be interesting to see and hear about your new bit of software. Maybe it would work for having an online task list. Maybe not. I’m not familiar with the software. It would be great to hear something from you on that if you get a chance and handle on things. If you’re not already planning something like that already.

Otherwise maybe we could do another shout out for a project manager. Or maybe push some of the resource from job page this way.

Clearly some room for thought and discussion