Sharpening tuition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hand tool sharpening evening. I am going to hollow grind all the primary bevels on the plane blades using my grinder first. Once I have done this it would be the perfect time to show people how to sharpen by hand.
I am, of course, assuming we find the space sharpening gear, if not, I will use my own gear.
So, anyone who is interested in learning how to hand sharpen please let me know.
I will cover plane blades, scrub plane, chisels and card scrapers.
The first four people to answer and a couple of standbys. You can decide the date of the evening amongst yourselves, I don’t care about the date. It’s five pounds per person.

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I’m interested in this @smjmaker u interested steve?

I’ll be using the bench grinder this Wednesday for woodturning gouges, just heads up.

Don’t forget to check the diameter of the shaft if you want to change the wheel to a better wider one. Also you will need a dressing tool to maintain the wheel and get it cutting efficiently it’s loaded to the nth degree presently.
Dressing tools are five quid on ebay etc.

Thanks, I’ll check how straight the wheel is. I think I will be fine with using the thickness that’s there.

I am not sure what you mean.
Loading is particles of metal which are embedded in the surface of the stone. The stone becomes glazed and the grit doesn’t cut. A diamond dressing tool grinds away the loading and reveals fresh grit. It also flattens the surface of the stone.
When you look at the stone it should look like grit not shiny smooth metal.

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If you know anyone else who would be interested please let them know.

Okay, gotcha. I’d like to assume dressing tool is there. Edit: just bought a 3 pack I am happy to donate to slms.

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@Giles I’d love to do this. I’m ok at sharpening but would take any expert tips! All of my plane blades also need regrinding and I have a card scraper and a burnisher but no idea how to use it. I’m also thinking about trying some chair making. If I did this I’d need to learn how to sharpen curved blades (scorp, travisher). Not for this session but something I’d be keen to discuss.

I can also bring my sharpening gear so that I can work in parallel if that would be helpful.

I will dress the wheel with my tool.
I think there may be a star wheel dressing tool at the space. I expect it is somewhere amongst the metal work tools.

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Thanks, Giles.

I have a scrub plane blade. I will bring it and show you how I sharpen it.

Yes, I’m definitely interested in this, I’ll keep an eye out @Giles for when you want to run this :+1:

Well, I was thinking next week.
You three can decide amongst yourselves which evening is convenient.

I would be really interested to come too, if there is still space.



That’s the four people.
You need to discuss amongst yourselves which evening is good.

I can see there are 4 people lined up, but can I put my name forward for the next sessions should there be one. Thanks.

Great thanks,

I’m available most nights so one of the others can pick a night that works better for them.

Tuesday or Wednesday next week would work best on my end @father @smjmaker?

Wednesday evening after 6ish works best for me, I’ll be busy on Tuesday