Sewing Table Upgrade and Shelves

Does anyone have a use for some melamine coated plywood?
Dimensions are 2738x700x20mm.
It’s in the woodworking space now. I can’t get it home without cutting it in half. Seems like a shame to do that. There was a suggestion of using it to resurface the sewing desks?

@Hugo_Sharman-Firth if there’s no use for it in the space I would be interested in making a long dining table with it!
But that would be cutting it down partially so other uses may be better

No one else has replied, so I think it’s yours. It’s currently sitting in the woodworking room unlabeled. I feel like I’m going to be in trouble if it stays where it is much longer. Are you going to be soon to take care of it?

Hi, are you keen for this today?

If not I think we could use it in textiles to replace the slightly older central table if @textilestechs have no objections?

I’m around for a few hours so let me know.


I can look into putting the current tables’ legs onto the new material tomorrow at 2pm if that helps. We’d end up with two matching 1.3m tables.

I think this is the way to go, as although cutting seems a bit of a shame the surface would be a big improvement.

I took a look at current legs and looks doable swap, even if the nuts look pretty old. We can even although it is not he best turn the current tops into some more shelves (if we are feeling industrious).

So the questions are
@dougalrees are you okay with it going to space or have you already plans to collect it?
@textilestechs any objections ? Should we wait for agreement? would be 47cm shorter than current tables but I think 4 machines could be set up which is about what we have now.
Anyone feel confident to cut it in half? I guess it would be best on the table saw?
@directors any objections to this action? I have limited experience of this sort of thing being approved?

Tomorrow, I am working till 4 but happy to come down after to help (I have basic woodshop, no table saw). We should probably book out the space if this task is going on as… though people can take machines into clean room if wanting to use… accept tomorrow when people be jamming.

Anyone any thoughts?

Hey sorry I wasn’t getting notifications for this for some reason. Must check my settings.
I can collect it first thing tomorrow but if it’s getting used in the space I think that’s probably the best thing for it.


Okay next update. We have claimed wood (thanks Joe) and it is now in textiles ( possibly slightly in way … sorry)

Also some aluminium legs provide (again thanks Joe)

Suggestion remains to cut in half. Difference is as legs wider than table will need to be joined together.
Apparently floor is flat (it’s current table that wobbles) so we should be able to make awesome giant cutting space and recess legs enough to sit on all side.

Only loss is flexibility to divide table…I don’t think we need this?

Any objections? Otherwise shall we go ahead with this plan?

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Sorry Joe said we could have it and also chased it out of wood shop

Thanks and sorry to steal it from you but if you’ve clocked the tables in textiles this is a serious upgrade.

Not a metal tech but I know they don’t want them, plus they’d be far too low for a table in ceramics (you want standing height tables for wedging clay etc.) I’d say feel free to nab them - the aluminium legs that is

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Yep, @asander1 and I grabbed them from Hackspace and @scythian and I would prefer they get used for tables than cut down for the material.


+1 from me. Textiles needs a proper cutting table for fabric :innocent: helped Joe and Nancy carry it to textiles together with some legs for now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry! Coming into this late. Very happy to have new cutting table surface. Thanks @Nancy for getting this sorted for us!

I’m in the shop now and looking at dimensions. Will sketch up a couple options and post shortly here.

I see three main options:

  1. use the old legs and retain two separable tables.
    These would each be 137 x 70 x 74 (L x W x H). The legs aren’t exactly the same height, so suggest making feet to lift the shorter of the two. We can then clasp the two tables together in the space for normal use, but they can be released and folded down to use modularly or transport/move through doorways as necessary.

  2. use the new legs and join the melamine permanently. These legs are too wide to use on a single width of melamine. This creates a single table of 137 x 140 x 69cm that does not fold down or collapse.

  3. keep as two pieces and find an even better set of legs than 1 and 2

Given that the priority is improving the surface for textiles, both options do this. I recommend option one, though, to keep modular, collapsible, and taller.

Please do chime in with strong opinions either way! Can get this sorted after 3 today.


Option 1 is also able to be temporary until option 3

I’m good on option 1 - thanks Neil!

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Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t make it in yesterday but I’m not sure option on is worth the effort? I had a look at table and they are pretty crappy (and I love old stuff).

The main advantage of joining table I saw was being able to sit all the way around it by mounting them quite centrally as the board is very stiff.

But first step that is need for any of options is cutting it in half are you feeling confident to do it? (Joe was talking about all sorts of things I didn’t full understand to make it square) or should we do shout out to someone in wood to help?

Also I know it’s probably blasphous in makers space but 8 cheap adjustable legs from IKEA would be £100 or non adjustable would be 40.

Oh and I’ll be in this evening if you want to chat about this or for me to help with stuff and things.