Screenprinting Update!

Hi all!

The Screenprinting area is very close to being ready!!

Appreciate everyone’s patience over basically a year of downtime since the Space Layout was agreed, especially the @silkscreentechs! A lot of work has gone into moving metal over to Arch 2 and fixing the Snug so it is not a hazard, so big thanks to everyone who has helped with these massive projects!

So what is left to do??

  • Move the last few random things out of the way
    A couple of people have volunteered to work on this today! - Thanks @nhjansen, @robchristopher !

    • Stand up Fans - Into Snug until Summer
    • Barbot - Anyone want it as a project? - last time we called out (4 years ago!) no one took it on Mount it on the wall as Art?
    • Random projects - By clean room door to be picked up / disposed of
    • Air compressor dryer - Into snug by big compressor
    • Stackable chairs - Into clean room with the others
  • Arrange Bike tools / Stands

  • Dispose of Extra Furniture
    These are up for grabs for any area of the Space that can use them, otherwise we should Freecycle / give them away. Techs - please shout if you can use them, otherwise can we have a volunteer to re-home them outside the Space?

  • Metal Lathe
    Metalwork is done moving next door, this is the last machine left - but it is not being moved over. As soon as the new lathe is up and running we will sell/donate it, but this is still a few weeks away. But I don’t see how this is stopping Screenprinting from getting going.

    • As per the Space Layout, Screenprinting has 1.7m out from the wall from the washroom to the end (7.6m), so the lathe is currently eating up 1m x 1.7m of this, and that could be reduced to 1m x .6m if we move the tooling back to the other side of it. This is between 5-13% of the total area.

      (Drawing not to scale). Approved dimensions:
    • When someone is actively using the Screenprinting area it can expand to use the middle of the room, but the middle is also for general assembly / messy projects as it always has been and is a shared space. In my mind this is plenty of room to get started until the lathe moves on, but let me know if I am missing something?? If its a critical issue, the lathe could be moved to the new concrete pad in the snug temporarily, but that seems like a big project for small space gains.

So any help we can get to finish up and get Screenprinting started is much appreciated! @Julika ?

Thanks all!


I had no idea we had a BarBot, where exactly does it live? I’m coming over tonight, happy to take a look and see what it would take to resurrect it!

Its this thing:

It’s yours if you want it! We don’t want to store it anymore…

Thanks, let me take a look. I don’t have anywhere to take it to, so I’ll either see if we can put it to productive use (not storage) or if it at least has any useful parts to reuse.

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It’s in the clean room, along with the dispensing part of the optics.

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I think the plan is to put the exposure unit in the corner where the lathe is and if a safe working area is required to use the lathe even more space is taken to the detriment of screen printing here is the plan :-

print shop.pdf (15.1 KB)
If we are only a few weeks away , could we either set a date in stone when it is going, or decommission the old lathe now, and move it out of the area , this may push the @metaltechs into action to getting the new lathe into operation

Let’s start screen printing properly with the full space allocated. I don’t see the point of moving the old lathe to the snug only to move it out again in a few weeks as a 3 phase supply will have to be extended to that area.

At the last members meeting @Kyle said it was weeks not months till it is moved. Let’s stick to this deadline.


Nottingham Hackspace’s barbot was very popular at emf camp

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Hey all,

Wow the pics look great. Super excited to have the entire room back in action! Thanks to everyone that was involved. Sadly, Im currently out of London. Will be back in action late next week!

@hernehillier and I will get the bike stuff sorted. We are talking about it just need to meet up and get it all up on the wall and sorted. Ive also been chatting with @nhjansen about printing us some fancy tool holders to go up on the wall :partying_face:

In terms of the room, We are still kind of waiting for the lathe to go (likewise for bike tool area and the room in general) so the room can be finally configured. Which I am keen to be involved with. The floor plan that @lewisss posted looks optimal.

@silkscreentechs Myself and @ZacPatsalides are interested in getting involved with the screen printing department and helping out also, We both do print work in our creative careers so very keen to get the space in action again! I also primarily use the laser cutter in the space so am keen to make the room as nice as possible!


Oh also I’ll deffo take the wooden rack if it’s still available once im back! Perfect for the garage!