Saturday 9th Arches, Outer space, Alley and BBQ o'clock meet up

Hello there!

Feeling a little less shy to reach out to all @members after seeing the excellent attendance and work and the BBQ * that happened just yesterday.

We’ve crossed many things off the lists, as we do, with being left with many things left to do (as we do). And some tasks still appearing!

Hence please join in two weeks time another meet up, same time, same place.
Vegan and meat burgers always welcome, any seafood enthusiasts for the next one maybe too?

Tasks to do will be added over the next two weeks:

ARCH1 tasks

  • toilet: ‘Filling holes, cleaning walls, painting, varnish door’
    (Speak with canopy over a temporary access to their toilet facilities)

  • Filling ventilation pipes

  • Go through all of the disfunctional extension leads and find out what is wrong with them and if and how could they be eventually fixed

  • kitchen cupboard emptying and sorting out expired dried food and pots and pans

  • make a new ‘lost in Space’ notice board. This is a board for posting about missing items …and has itself gone missing

  • make sign for dishwasher: clean/dirty

ARCH2 tasks


  • Stripping wood from wall
    -fixing door, rehinging and changing direction of opening

part I.

  • Getting the space ready for being woodshop
  • Scraps on table to skip, sort first

part II.

  • Imagining pottery area

  • What are the sheets doing here?

  • some random objects claiming that were found

  • testing solar panel

Outer space area


  • Weeding, tidying

  • Water all the outdoor plants that don’t get enough water

  • bark, soil

  • Cheap exterior oil on planters (Mask off the rusty metal not to get oil on it)

  • Stabilizing back planter

  • Move front planter and re hinge

Past events:

*Oh dear, the bbq…special thanks to @ClemJ, @danieladelodun (who did all that work, brought food, but had to scoot early! and @Amanda


Hi! I’d love to help out with anything and I can bring some tasty things for the BBQ too :slight_smile:

If anyone has any allergies or other dietary requirements let me know!

If I have the time and energy I could try baking a vegan victoria sponge (which according to non-vegan relatives, tastes better than a regular victoria sponge)


Tasks updated!

Speaking of food,
How many people will be joining this Saturday? Then I know if I should bring more or less food items.
I’ll expect to be there around 13.00, as I have an appointment at 11.00 to 12.00

I think I’d like to help with the gardening myself and perhaps imagining the pottery space. I love plants :slight_smile: should I bring any gardening tools myself or are those present?


Last time we had around 10 hungry people present.

I’ll check tomorrow what tools we have at the space for gardening. I have some bee friendly weeds seeds I thought might be cool.

I’ll have a few gardening tools on the van on Saturday


Count me in! I am new to the space, but I am happy to help with anything. What time do you expect people to come?


I totally forgot to verbalize my excitement about the vegan Victoria sponge cake! So cool of you to bake! Ahhhh, can’t wait!


Cool! Come over anytime you’d like, starting 11am-ish


Extra tasks

  • Make a new ‘lost in Space’ notice board. This is a board for posting about missing items …and has itself gone missing

  • make sign for dishwasher: clean/dirty



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when does the BBQ start?

Roundabout 4? Earlier if it’s picked up by somebody


cool! Thank you. will be there beforehand.

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I’m planning to pop down, collect tag, and help out for an hour or so. Hopefully something not too messy as I’m off to a 1st year old party this afternoon!


Bring work clothes!

I am coming around 1pm~

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  • wood panels need screwing back on the walls in the clean room
  • check if fluorescent tubes fit into lights in clean room and install if possible

I’ll be there at 1:30pm!