Router induction

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Hi there @woodtechs,

Ive made a tentative start on my first guitar build project at the space.

Ive got my basic woodshop induction and so far Ive just been accosting members in the wood shop to help out with the more dangerous machines like the planer and band saw, thanks to everyone for that :slight_smile:

There is a fair bit of work I would like to do with the routers and ideally the router table.

I do have some experience with those tools.

Would it be possible to get checked out/inducted on the router/router table so I can use them for my project?

If possible, Im pretty available at the moment, so I can work around everyones schedule.

Many thanks!

Hi, I’m a new member here and haven’t even visited yet (will attend open house next week), but I’m happy to try to join this induction session to make it more time economical for the techs. This is something I would use in the future.


Hi. Open evening is this Wednesday, 12th July, 2023, 7:00pm. It runs every 2 weeks so there will not be one next week. Therefore the next date will be 26th July :slight_smile: just so you don’t miss out!

Thanks! Misspoke - time feels weird after holiday! I’ll be there on the 12th.


The router induction list is fairly long at the moment. but add yourself on there

We have been trying to get some inductors in place for the basic woodshop and this looks like it might be coming under control in the next month or two. At which point we should start working on the other induction lists (no promises)

The router induction list is fairly old so I presume a lot of the members on there are stale.

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Hey @Destom

I’m already on on all of the waiting lists for the machinery in the wood shop, there didn’t seem to be much action on any of them.

I guess I’ll just wait for something to happen, I’ve got a small router at home, so I can use that to make a mess if the kitchen😁

I appreciate the time you guys put into the inductions for everyone, if there is anything I can do to help out in the woodshop, let me know.