Recycling initiative

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Saw this on a facebook post, it’s an initiative to recycle plastic and use it to make things. Thought thought it might be of interest to some people here.


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Do you have a link?

Edited the link into the post.

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Building and having a plastic recycling workshop would be a very good use for phases 3

I thought about making on of these for my own 3d printer.
Unfortunately without high degrees of cleanlinesses this may lead to other problems with blocking the extruder nozzle of the printer. any grit that gets into the plastic may block the 0.4mm nozzle which will need to be cleaned or replaced. as cool as it is I feel that not using high quality filament that has been made in the correct environment will lead to the degradation of our 3d printer. sorry for dashing the dreams but I do feel that this is not a good idea in our circumstances

we should pick up one of these for the space, to recycle unwanted 3d printed objs

although i just looked at the price for it ??

I like the direction of this, but not sure we can add much to the world of recycling plastics.

The PLA we use in the printer is compostible, as it’s plant based.

Maybe we can do our bit by promoting the use of sustainable materials?

I love this idea.
I’ve been thinking about this kinda stuff for about s year.
Have a couple of projects in mind for plastic re purposing and the like.
Very exciting!!!
Anything along this lines gets my full backing and interest.

Reading recent articles PLA is about as compostable as a lump of uranium…

However while PLA could be remade in the above products, the problem is those machines use electricity and time, and cost money, so it isn’t realistic on our scale to be doing this I don’t think.

We have one at work that doesn’t get used much.

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Ah okay, ‘biodegradable’, then, which suggests it’s not a good garden additive.

Petrochemical platics are the real disaster.


Is that idea dead then???

I like the idea of injection and compression moulding of recycled plastics to make things. I was thinking about making an injection moulder myself at some point. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make 3D printer filaments for use in the Makerspace’s 3D printer. If we start vacuum forming, I don’t know if we will have an oven for doing that but If we do, we can possibly make it dual purpose for melting down HDPE (milk carton tops and the like), which can be a useful material also.

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Yes yes yes!!!
This sounds very interesting.
I’ve wanted to do this.

Yes_. Moulding and forming!

Sorry for sounding negative on this.

Ok that sounds great. Very positive. I think u were being positive before? Speaking for myself, it’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick on forums. :bullettrain_front:

Any way, this sounds very interesting and has a lot of potential applications. Glad it’s not dead

I think the only caveat is: Please don’t feed the space’s printer with home-made filament

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My issue with some ‘upcycling’ is that it produces items that can’t ever be recycled, such as when plastics are glued and painted. It can also give us a false sense of ‘having done something good’ when the real issue might be to move away from the materials we currently use.

This said, could we re-purpose the half-constructed makerbot for home made filament wrangling? That is, if someone has the patience to make it not half-constructed?

Edit: I mean the second hand doodad not Dermot’s prusa.