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We’ve had a few people show up tonight expecting there to be an open evening. The public site says

A: Absolutely, we welcome people to have a look round and to chat with members. Our open evenings are Wednesday from 7:30pm
We should update this to link to the calendar and show that it’s not actually every Wednesday :slight_smile:

I’m happy to give the site some TLC if given access to (what I assume is) the wordpress.


Hi David,

That’s great that you’d like to help with this, it really just comes down to access and deciding on the content I suppose?

The current owner/administrator of the site is @Courty so I’d maybe message him to discuss…

Argh, that’s annoying!

Yes, there is a growing backlog of things we need to do it the it/systems space- we need to add this to the list, ill have to dig it up- maybe it can be edited on the 16th at the Discourse party???

You should have access to change it @asander1

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I have access to change things but I think it comes down to agreeing the content, not just the ability to edit, yes?


agree with steve here. I don’t think the webpage needs one or two things, we have to kind of discuss the whole user journey, and discuss governance around how the website doesn’t get orphaned or modified as an afterthought.

Not sure, but maybe that’s what Kyle was suggesting?

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I’d think on the 16th we would bump into stuff that might need to be discussed on members meeting before, but stuff like the dates of Open Evenings could be just reworded with a link to a public calendar where visitors could check if it’s happening. It would not change the use of the paragraph nor makerspace, only make it easier to navigate.


Strategic things make sense to discuss and agree as a project and don’t think we’d want to make big changes without forethought.

Tactical changes like fixing broken wording is something that should not require much discussion. The only agreement needed now would be to give access to someone who knows the difference between the two types of changes.

I believe I could do that and so volunteering for it. I think it’s better to solve this than to wait (and have folks keep showing up for open evening that aren’t there), but no strong opinions if there are better ideas or we don’t think it’s worth fixing until we have a larger discussion.

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How about you join the Monday meeting? Next Wednesday is happening so not too urgent imo.

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Will aim for it!

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Did a quick edit to make it a little clearer


That’s great, thanks!