Discourse Work Evening

Feel like helping out to make Discourse easier to use? Come join @Lydia and @Kyle in person or virtually to take on Discourse. Humans vs machine.



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How can I help?

That is fantastic forward planning!

I might not be able to make it in person, but I’d like to lend a hand. It’s my fault we’re using this software after all :smiley:

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It worked for all those that expressed interested :slight_smile:

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Just join in over zoom and bring ideas on what you think we could do to improve it! My focus so far has been the tools category and adding indicies.


No worries Tom, thanks for offering! We’ll be meeting virtually over zoom but I understand if the time might not work for you!

I read 30th or so at first! Was the time changed or am I seeing things, lol I can join next time if any next time will happen.

You are totally right! I had accidentally scheduled it on the 28th. @Lydia, sounds like folks are interested if it’s the 28th. Are you available then?


I’ll be in the space doing some stuff but i might join the call anyway. If not Kyle knows most of my gripes

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The goal is collaboratively fix things during the session :slight_smile:


Alright, back to the drawing board. This mess is my fault. Weekday evenings work better for @Lydia. How about you folks? Let’s find a good time for everyone.

@emuboy @palmada @PReardon @petra @tomnewsom @Amit_Kohli

Weekdays better for me as well, I can play it by ear.
You and Lydia are on the ball, don’t wanna go rescheduling to make it harder for you lovely people.

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May 16,17,18,19 are all free for me currently - which days work for you all?

The 16th would work best for me

It is realistic for me to join on 16th, as long as it’s not too late.

16th works

16th good for me

Alright, that’s quite a few voices. The 16th it is!

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