Prusa I3 on a budget

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(Calum Nicoll) #246

Apologies not going to manage to make it down, sorry!

(Mike Kelly) #247

I’ll come along for a bit later on.

(Dermot Jones) #248

Hi Patrick,

Not sure if this was already replied to elsewhere…

We’re building individual printers, but we’ve been pitching in on all parts of the build

@laurent_muchacho would be best to advise on getting involved – maybe by buying a kit and upgrading it?

(laurent_muchacho) #249

Sorry guys I’m on my way, was caught up at work and just bump into an old friend so hopefully I’ll be there in about 30min

(Pete Hellyer) #250

how did you guys get on last night? Sorry we didnt make it; turns out ankles are fragile… I’ll try and come down next week if we’re on then as well?

(Dermot Jones) #251

It was mainly me working on my build with assistance from @laurent_muchacho

Laurent – are we on for tonight?

P.S…belatedly made a @prusa_builders group to make contacting easier

(laurent_muchacho) #252

Yes if you are up for it @prusa_builders I’ll see you around 7pm

(Esther Gladstone) #253

me and @peter_hellyer will be there.

(Daniel Sikar) #254

I’m planning to be there

(Mike Kelly) #255

I can’t make it tonight unfortunately…

(laurent_muchacho) #256

On my way, hopefully there in 40 min

(Pete Hellyer) #257

We’re not going to make it now i’m afraid. @Esther_Gladstone is not in one piece after taking a tumble off a climbing wall a few weeks ago, and doesnt feel up to trekking in.

We would really appreciate a build weekend at some point though, if that is on the horizon?

(Daniel Sikar) #258

Another evening, another bunch of sub-assemblies coming to life. @Dermot, @laurent_muchacho and @dsikar turned up and slowly the orbital fasteners screw bags are emptying :slight_smile:

X axes

Smooth bar ends

Packing up the tools

To liven up the evening @Edd turned up with another Daniel and his souped up electric scooter - 65 miles per charge :slight_smile:

PS Wishing @Esther_Gladstone a speedy recovery

(laurent_muchacho) #259

Holy moly this come at a price

@Esther_Gladstone hopefully you get better soon in the meantime keep your feet up, wishing you a speedy recovery too

(Edward Yeboah) #260

Sure did, it must be the “■anti the warning” feature in the Amazon ad lol

(Dermot Jones) #261

Free delivery though…

(Edward Yeboah) #262


(Daniel Sikar) #263

That should have read “anti theft warning” methinks :thinking:
@laurent_muchacho is it too late to add such feature to our builds? :joy: