Prusa I3 on a budget

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(Calum Nicoll) #246

Apologies not going to manage to make it down, sorry!

(Mike Kelly) #247

I’ll come along for a bit later on.

(Dermot Jones) #248

Hi Patrick,

Not sure if this was already replied to elsewhere…

We’re building individual printers, but we’ve been pitching in on all parts of the build

@laurent_muchacho would be best to advise on getting involved – maybe by buying a kit and upgrading it?

(laurent_muchacho) #249

Sorry guys I’m on my way, was caught up at work and just bump into an old friend so hopefully I’ll be there in about 30min

(Pete Hellyer) #250

how did you guys get on last night? Sorry we didnt make it; turns out ankles are fragile… I’ll try and come down next week if we’re on then as well?

(Dermot Jones) #251

It was mainly me working on my build with assistance from @laurent_muchacho

Laurent – are we on for tonight?

P.S…belatedly made a @prusa_builders group to make contacting easier

(laurent_muchacho) #252

Yes if you are up for it @prusa_builders I’ll see you around 7pm

(Esther Gladstone) #253

me and @peter_hellyer will be there.

(Daniel Sikar) #254

I’m planning to be there

(Mike Kelly) #255

I can’t make it tonight unfortunately…

(laurent_muchacho) #256

On my way, hopefully there in 40 min

(Pete Hellyer) #257

We’re not going to make it now i’m afraid. @Esther_Gladstone is not in one piece after taking a tumble off a climbing wall a few weeks ago, and doesnt feel up to trekking in.

We would really appreciate a build weekend at some point though, if that is on the horizon?

(Daniel Sikar) #258

Another evening, another bunch of sub-assemblies coming to life. @Dermot, @laurent_muchacho and @dsikar turned up and slowly the orbital fasteners screw bags are emptying :slight_smile:

X axes

Smooth bar ends

Packing up the tools

To liven up the evening @Edd turned up with another Daniel and his souped up electric scooter - 65 miles per charge :slight_smile:

PS Wishing @Esther_Gladstone a speedy recovery

(laurent_muchacho) #259

Holy moly this come at a price

@Esther_Gladstone hopefully you get better soon in the meantime keep your feet up, wishing you a speedy recovery too

(Ed Yeboah) #260

Sure did, it must be the “■anti the warning” feature in the Amazon ad lol

(Dermot Jones) #261

Free delivery though…

(Ed Yeboah) #262


(Daniel Sikar) #263

That should have read “anti theft warning” methinks :thinking:
@laurent_muchacho is it too late to add such feature to our builds? :joy:

(Esther Gladstone) #264

Thank you @laurent_muchacho and @dsikar. It’s just a shame that I can’t craft something to make it heal faster!

We are gonna try and get up the space tomorrow so if there is anything We can do for the build let us know!

(Ed Yeboah) #265

:rofl: Sounds like a plan, I suggest a key fob and one of these to stick on top