Prusa I3 on a budget

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(laurent_muchacho) #266

@prusa_builders see you tonight for the one who can make it

(Daniel Sikar) #267

Hoping to be there 1930h at the latest

(david) #268

I’ll be in about 6 and doing some lasercutting before eveyone arrives.

(Dermot Jones) #269

(Esther Gladstone) #270

today’s build…

(Daniel Sikar) #271

Another great social 3D printer builds evening and it’s coming together:

Great attendance :smile:

Until same time next week :sunglasses:
Reminder to self: next week bring @dermot some rocket fuel :dizzy_face:

(Mike Kelly) #272

Looking good! I am pretty busy for the next few weeks so won’t make it in for a bit.

(laurent_muchacho) #273

@prusa_builders Sorry guys I won’t be able to free myself tonight

(Pete Hellyer) #274

I also cant make it tonight :frowning:

(Calum Nicoll) #275

Sorry also cant make it tonight.

(Pete Hellyer) #276

Also, I just found a bag of standoffs in my school bag, which I assume were supposed to be in the build somewhere…

(Dermot Jones) #277

We nearly installed CCTV because of those!!!

(Dermot Jones) #278

Next group build???

“When light meets liquid: the 3D printer replicating art”

Well… Needs plenty of refining…and I’m struggling to understand how it gets away with shining light from a projector through light sensitive gel without the first gel it hits solidifying. You’d maybe expect convergent beams?

(Pete Hellyer) #279

I’d assume that there is some kind of dose-dependency with the light, and because the object keeps rotating, only certain places get sufficent to cure, or soemthing?

(Pete Hellyer) #280

@Esther_Gladstone and I are popping along tonight for some 3D printer building action if there is any on? @laurent_muchacho?

(Valentino Sfamurri) #281

I’d like to help next time you meet!


(laurent_muchacho) #282

Sorry everyone, was completely overloaded yesterday. Promise next week is on

(Valentino Sfamurri) #283

Tuesday again?

(laurent_muchacho) #284

I was hoping to feel better enough to be out of bed by now but no, still feeling too rough

(Dermot Jones) #285

So… @mikekelly looks like the only person who’ll have a completed printer by the Maker Festival on 3nd March? Are you available to show it on the day? If we can share the story of a group build and compare prints to the Ultimakers that will be there it will make a compelling exhibit