Pollution Sensor HackAir

(Bushra Burge) #1

Also want to make this http://www.hackair.eu/hackair-mobile/
the instructions & tutorial is here, but I probably need some help if anyone wants to join in me making it (ideally would want to get a version working and then develop a more compact version etc) :

(Filip) #2

Ha, I’ve built something like this already - these things are fun. I’m also looking to build something more streamlined out of this kit but I think you won’t get much smaller than the footprint of the PM 2.5 sensor because physics. Ideally you’d be able to modify the bottom of its PCB to fit all the other stuff, but alas…

(Bushra Burge) #3

good to know - are you around next week at slm ?

also this guy with his sensor -

(Filip) #4

Probably not next week but I can come round the week after I think

(Bushra Burge) #5

I’m away till mid aug from the week after so let’s catch up after that, if I manage to progress anything in the meantime I’ll post on here :slight_smile: