Pollution Sensor HackAir

Also want to make this http://www.hackair.eu/hackair-mobile/
the instructions & tutorial is here, but I probably need some help if anyone wants to join in me making it (ideally would want to get a version working and then develop a more compact version etc) :

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Ha, I’ve built something like this already - these things are fun. I’m also looking to build something more streamlined out of this kit but I think you won’t get much smaller than the footprint of the PM 2.5 sensor because physics. Ideally you’d be able to modify the bottom of its PCB to fit all the other stuff, but alas…

good to know - are you around next week at slm ?

also this guy with his sensor -

Probably not next week but I can come round the week after I think

I’m away till mid aug from the week after so let’s catch up after that, if I manage to progress anything in the meantime I’ll post on here :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have not been around and now catching up with everything. Are you still interested to have a chat about this ? I am around at SLMS next monday but during the day and then again the week after - can meet monday evening. Let me know when you are around.

I’d like to be involved if that’s alright?

Sure thing. At this stage literally just scoping what’s possible if anything, … may be it will end up as a dystopian art project ! So I am around next Monday during the day.

I’m in from 1130/12 today


After a quick look I would say it could be made very much smaller.
I think it uses BLE to communicate with the app.
It seems to be exclusively a particulate sensor, which is a good place to start.
The sensor module it’s self SDS011 is massive and I think a more suitable one could be found.
Probably breath is all that is needed to draw air through the sensor so no need for a bulky and electricity consuming fan.

As I haven’t looked further into it I don’t know what might be involved in developing a new sensor sufficiently accurate.
It might be possible to take the fan off for a prototype if that didn’t screw up the calibration.

Hi ok cool. sounds promising
some more info …

am ordering this, will send to slms and hopefully check it when I am back in possibly later this week probably early next week

these are some flexi circuit boards - https://www.fpcway.com/view/products?gclid=CjwKCAjw5fzrBRASEiwAD2OSVwvFgOMV9irZ0YijI-7_ZLzYR4s1MwtkWXcDnk3inCNr-O7iD-vfHRoCwIoQAvD_BwE

this is a big topic. I am going to try and find a scientist who specialises on the health effect from air pollution etc.

I may know people who could help or at least where to find them.

Please could you describe your vision for this project, in layman-ish terms ?

sure will let you know, I think at the moment it is just messing about to let it evolve a bit. I have a tendency of doing too much on impossible stuff, so with this one just trying to fail fast I guess to see if it is even possible to have some relevant electronics on a pollution mask ergonomically, safely etc

So basically it’s a mask that monitors and protects from pollution?

A smart pollution mask if you will?

It sounds like a prime candidate for crowdfunding. You could probably raise £1million in a month.

Have you checked for any similar projects?