Planning a makerspace for Regensburg, Germany - would love to see how you guys do it!

(Harald Schmid) #1


great job on the South London Makerspace. I checked it out online and it looks great.

I am in London visiting a friend, and I thought I might pay you guys a visit. I live in Regensburg, Germany, where I run a small startup for additive manufacturing. We mostly offer B2B services, but we also run a few printers. I’ve been in the industry for about 5 years now. Additive manufacturing is my passion.

Regensburg, the city where I live, is planning or at least thinking about opening up a Makerspace. They have approached me about ideas and input, and perhaps helping with setting it up. I am currently looking at other Makerspaces to find inspiration. I have already visited the Makerspace in Munich, Germany.

It would be fantastic to see how you guys approach an open workshop atmosphere, and to see what you do to cultivate a sense of community among the members.

Is anyone going to be at the Makerspace this Friday, Aug 17th, in morning or afternoon? I am only there this Thursday and Friday.

With kind regards,


(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Harry,

There’s usually people around who’ll offer a cup of tea and show you around.

I can be there this Friday in the afternoon to show you around. Any time after 2pm, just let me know

(Harald Schmid) #3

Hi Dermot,

Thanks! 2pm would be great.

With kind regards,


(Dermot Jones) #4

Hi Harry,

I’ve had to change my plans due to work. Unfortunately I can’t get there until 6pm on Friday

Sorry about that. Does this work for you? Otherwise we can see who else might be about

(Harald Schmid) #5

Hi Dermot,

Let me check!

With kind regards,


(Harald Schmid) #6

You can reach me at via phone, text, WhatsApp, signal, iMessenger.

(Dermot Jones) #7

Who’s around today and able to show Harry what were about, in case he can only make this afternoon? I got rained off yesterday, so have had to switch work to today

@Dani_Clode @electronoob @Jonty_Bottomley @deanforbes @lewisss @petra ?

(Dani Clode) #8

Hey, I’ll be here until 4pm today

(Harald Schmid) #9

Hi Dani!

nice to meet you. I‘m at the Picasso exhibit in Tate Modern right now. I‘ll stop by after lunch, okay? It should be around 1:30-2:30, depending on traffic.

See you later!


(Dermot Jones) #10

Brilliant. Thanks Dani!

(Harald Schmid) #11

On my way now. 45min-1hr

(Harald Schmid) #12

Hi Dani,

Thank you for showing me around! It was very insightful. I am amazed how much capacity and capability you have at the workspace.

We spoke about silicone parts. You can find out more about silicone 3dprinting here:
They print in 100% silicone, using an FDM method (like Ultimaker). You can order pets directly from them, if you ever need silicone parts again for a project. That being said, I think your casting results were excellent.

Dermot, thanks for arranging the tour! Seeing how well a makerspace can work reassures me about setting one up back home.

See you again soon!

With kind regards,